Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's been a busy week.  We have donated, sold, and dumped fully 1/2 of our possessions.  And it's not over yet. 

I really thought this stuff would fit.

Here's my new office

We thought the big challenge would be our kitchenette.  Or, as I think of it, John's studio.

Rather like an RV kitchen with one usable drawer.

But, of course, he was able to produce a fabulous meal.

Sauteed scallops and crostini appetizer.  Followed by shrimp scampi on a bed of orzo.

John always says if you give him a pan and a heat source, he can put food on the table.  It was so nice to eat at our own table with our own dishes, utensils, and glassware.  Something we haven't done since the tornado 6 months ago . 

Ahhh, home!

Give me a few more weeks to settle into the new home before I start shopping for a second home.  On wheels, this time.


  1. Glad you are in your new "home" and eating from your own dishes and sleeping in your own bed get the picture!! Just glad for you guys!! :-)

  2. This feels like a good thing. The less stuff we have, the more time to play.

  3. Glad you are getting it all worked out. It's always good to downsize. Makes getting on the road easier when the time comes.

  4. Nice! It sounds cozy. I love your office, too!

  5. Must be so nice to finally be settled and getting things organized. Everything looks really nice. Especially the appetizer! I've gotta find me a man who can cook! :)

  6. Lovely home! Looks as though you can be comfortable there. I bet you're really happy to finally be settling in. You two have a very wonderful 4th of July week! Take care! And happy shopping.

  7. Congrats on getting settled in! It looks like a nice place to me.

    Your kitchen looks bigger than any kitchen I've had. XD It's hard to simplify in the kitchen, but once you start learning how to make one tool serve multiple purposes, you find that you really don't need as much as you think. At least, that's how it is for me!

    The only kitchen I ever had that stopped me from being able to cook was an efficiency that had once been part of the neighboring apartment and at some point been walled off. The kitchen was literally about 1.5 feet wide. I could barely even open the fridge to store food! I ended up mostly eating tv dinners in that apartment and washed my dishes in the bathroom sink. :P

  8. Hi, Kim,

    Haven't heard from you for a while. Wondering if you are enjoying your summer job and if you are still looking for on-the-road work or have decided to stay put for a while.

    Either way, wishing you ALL the best!

  9. Woohoo, progress!!! Yes! And a good meal to boot! I think you should keep him ;-)
    And I like your future goal too. Yay!


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