Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still Moving

Thursday was spent with the good Goodwill guys.  They were nice folks (such great attitudes) and they had a big job clearing out the condo jam-packed with the in-laws belongings. 

We are preparing to move out of the house on Wednesday.  Closing is a week from tomorrow. 

I think we will really like it here and especially enjoy the low-maintenance aspect of small living.   In the house, we were plagued by an infinite list of repairs.  Repairs of the expensive and time-consuming sort that hampered my freedom. 

Here at the condo .....  everything works!!!!

Here's our partially-vacant new home as it looks today. 

The best part?  Not the wood-burning fireplace.  Not the big-screen.  Nope - it's Doris!  She loves it here.  Maybe it's the carpet downstairs; do dogs prefer it to hard-wood floors?  I think this one does. 

I like the big window in the upstairs bedroom. 

My camping chairs.  They'll stay here till I have an RV to stash them in. 

For all you Kudzu lovers, here's the view from the downstairs bedroom balcony.  There is a small stream that runs through the rear of the property. 

John surveying the tornado repairs to the house this winter.  The living room doesn't smell like a pine tree anymore.  Because it no longer has a pine tree in it.  Thank god the liquor wasn't damaged! 

I'll show the most important room in the house - the kitchen - when we get it organized.  It's a real mess at the moment!


  1. Your new home looks comfortable and light - congratulations!

  2. Can you believe you're almost done? The condo looks really nice - I'm looking forward to the kitchen photos! :)

  3. Dogs do seem to like smooth, cool surfaces especially when it warm in a room. When its cold, they want to be covered with a blanket! I know you are glad to have a major portion of the moving behind you! I like that window in your bedroom too. Love the light from it.


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