Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Good Deal Bus Comes Home!

Picked up the Roadtrek yesterday. 

This sight cracks me up

The 2-hour ride home was so much fun.  It drives like a dream.  By the time we got to the narrow crowded street in town, I felt like a pro! 

The only part that wasn't fun was watching the gas gauge so I  just won't do that anymore. 

The walk-through was pleasant and very thorough.  They gave me a $25 gift certificate so I bought an insect screen for the furnace vent and they installed it for free.  I didn't get as many photos as I wanted - there was just so much detail to take in. 

John (right) Gary (left) accessing the generator oil gauge

Rather than return via interstate, we went the back roads.  Again, I should've taken photos but I just enjoying the experience too much.  There were fewer rattles and squeaks than I expected that I have experienced in other rigs.  Love the back-up camera/GPSSirius.  I also love that it still has the new car smell!

I didn't realize until yesterday that even the windshield is tinted.  The original owner must have ordered that.  I think this is a great feature for a female traveling solo.

John drove the bug back and we used our 2-way radios to communicate.  It was just a happy day all around. 

I've got a lot of manuals to go through.  Then I'll do some deep-cleaning, then stocking.  Other details like transferring the warranty, getting a tag etc .... 

I have a few things to get from Wal-Mart but not much: sleeping bag (flannel - my favorite), funnel for the generator oil, rug, extra fuses, water filter ....  I've pretty much got everything else as those of you who have been patiently following me know.

Also looking forward to some trip planning. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

It Must Be Official

Hey!  Look y'all!

Good Sam found me.  I've joined the ranks of the mobile. 

I understand this is just the beginning of the paper avalanche.

We pick up the rig in 2 or 3 days (depending on how much rain Isaac dumps on us in the next couple of days). 

John remarked tonight that this RV purchase is the complete opposite of an impulse buy.  Right as usual.  You all know how long I've been planning this. 

Is it any wonder that I'm so excited and loving every minute of the anticipation?

Is that the way you felt before you took possesion of your rig?