Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Good Deal Bus Comes Home!

Picked up the Roadtrek yesterday. 

This sight cracks me up

The 2-hour ride home was so much fun.  It drives like a dream.  By the time we got to the narrow crowded street in town, I felt like a pro! 

The only part that wasn't fun was watching the gas gauge so I  just won't do that anymore. 

The walk-through was pleasant and very thorough.  They gave me a $25 gift certificate so I bought an insect screen for the furnace vent and they installed it for free.  I didn't get as many photos as I wanted - there was just so much detail to take in. 

John (right) Gary (left) accessing the generator oil gauge

Rather than return via interstate, we went the back roads.  Again, I should've taken photos but I just enjoying the experience too much.  There were fewer rattles and squeaks than I expected that I have experienced in other rigs.  Love the back-up camera/GPSSirius.  I also love that it still has the new car smell!

I didn't realize until yesterday that even the windshield is tinted.  The original owner must have ordered that.  I think this is a great feature for a female traveling solo.

John drove the bug back and we used our 2-way radios to communicate.  It was just a happy day all around. 

I've got a lot of manuals to go through.  Then I'll do some deep-cleaning, then stocking.  Other details like transferring the warranty, getting a tag etc .... 

I have a few things to get from Wal-Mart but not much: sleeping bag (flannel - my favorite), funnel for the generator oil, rug, extra fuses, water filter ....  I've pretty much got everything else as those of you who have been patiently following me know.

Also looking forward to some trip planning. 


  1. Oh you brought back memories of when I bought my tow vehicle - new smell, all the things to discover (still do discover something new to this day, 5 years later) and then when I got my little travel trailer, all the new things to learn, discover, etc. etc.

    Have fun with your new "toy" that will bring you never expected fun and adventures.

  2. How Exciting! It sounds like everything went really well and it looks like you chose a great rig. It's fun to shop for things to put in the rig.

    An original back-up camera is a good thing, I had to add one to The Palms. Also the GPS Sirius.

    I'll bet you can't wait to get it out for a road trip. Are you going to let John come along? :)

  3. Sad to say, John has no interest in traveling. Except to the golf course and back home, that is! That's OK - even thought I can't understand it, I resigned myself to that fact a loooong time ago.

    He's got so many wonderful, admirable qualities that I can't fault him in any way for being a homebody.

    I'm just grateful that he understands and supports my need to roam.

  4. How about some pics of the inside?! :)

  5. I'll post some of the dealer photos (until I get my own). Click on The Good Deal Bus tab.

  6. What a creampuff! I'm very excited for you, new-car smell, and all!

  7. Exciting and gooood husband ;) Do you have any idea which direction you're going? did I miss that?

  8. Not sure yet, Carolyn. I know I want to make Quartzite this year. And I'm hoping to get some job interviews in some interesting places (and will help fill the tank). But first I'll do some local shake-down trips. Soon.

  9. Hey Kimmer ! I've been out of Blogland for awhile and now just getting caught up !

    WICKED !!! I'm THRILLED you finally got your dream rig.

    See you in Quartzsite !!

    What year is it ? How did you find it ? Details ! Details !

  10. Hey Sassy!

    I've been keeping an eye on you and Bennie-boy. Hope you are doing well. Yes, this year I'll make it Quartzsite (barring another natural disaster). For details on the rig, click on the red Good Deal Bus link.

  11. I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!! Remember how it seemed like this was never going to happen! Well, dreams can come true! And yes, don't watch that gas guage because it isnt' fun...but then, it's less fun if you run out of gas too! Oh & am so happy for you! Carry extra generator oil on board. Check it afer every 8 hours of usage for the level. Be careful though because it's really easy to overfill, which isn't a good thing to do. Oh I am so HAPPY FOR YOU!!
    (for some reason, you dropped off my blog roll as many others have - I have to fix that)

  12. Oh if you go to Quartsite & travel I-10, please let me know. I live close to I-10 & would love to meet you in person! (Katy, outside of Houston area)


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