Monday, August 27, 2012

It Must Be Official

Hey!  Look y'all!

Good Sam found me.  I've joined the ranks of the mobile. 

I understand this is just the beginning of the paper avalanche.

We pick up the rig in 2 or 3 days (depending on how much rain Isaac dumps on us in the next couple of days). 

John remarked tonight that this RV purchase is the complete opposite of an impulse buy.  Right as usual.  You all know how long I've been planning this. 

Is it any wonder that I'm so excited and loving every minute of the anticipation?

Is that the way you felt before you took possesion of your rig? 


  1. YES! I guess you never get to just drive one of these things off the lot. They always need to detail them or fix something, or ???. I was very excited.

    My son came with me and we completed the paper work, did our walk through, and I followed him home, I wanted his "eyes" on me in the rear view mirror in case I got into trouble. I only drove The Palms around the parking lot to test drive it, so when I took it home, I was REALLY driving it for the first time in traffic. It all went well.

    It will go well for you, too. Good luck, have fun, take photos! :)

  2. Yes, me too. I had to wait almost 3 weeks for some repairs and then barely had time to wash it down, pack it up, and take off for its maiden voyage. I really learned to do everything on the road. I figured it wouldn't be any worse than car driving and I could get anything I needed on the road - and I could. IT was slow at first but nothing insurmountable. So happy for you, at last!

  3. I was a bi scared. It was such a big rig and I was afraid we were making a mistake. Not any more! I love it.

  4. I was a wreck the day I drove my rig off of the lot! Fun times ahead!

  5. Very exciting times. And you already put a new pick at the top of the blog.

  6. Oh freakin wow! Homer isn't the jealous type but if he were !!!

    Gorgeous !!!

  7. They don't call it "Good Spam" for nothin! Ha ha, yes, once you join Good Sam for anything, you'll be sure to get plenty of offers for everything from Camping World stuff to ERS and Insurance.

    Actually, I kind of like it-- I now have their Emergency Road Service in addition to my regular Good Sam card.

    You'll have so much fun playing with all the new systems on your rig and filling it up with goodies to take on the road. So exciting!

  8. Kim, I am THRILLED for you! Can't wait to see tons of photos of you in your new rig!!!

  9. Congratulations!! What an exciting time!! Have fun and enjoy your new rig!! Oh, be sure to post some pictures!!

  10. Yes that's how I felt when I was driving to Florida to pick up my Casita.

    There was a some nervousness too: what if I had a horrible time towing it home, or discovered some big problem after forking over the money, but there was a giddiness skimming over all of that, and it's still here. I'm very happy with my purchase, and soon to be a happy camper. :)


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