Sunday, September 2, 2012

29 Years!

And wonderful years they've been. 

                                                       Happy Anniversary to Us!

Here's a few wedding photos.  Or rather reception photos.  There are no pics of the actual ceremony which took place at City Hall on a Friday morning.

Isn't this cute?  My dad enjoyed making graphics for his slide shows, 

We are all just beaming!

My folks

With my BFF, Janice

Loaded up and headed to Oklahoma City where John had recently transferred.   

Believe or not, that car looked brand new at the time. 
Didn't we all?


  1. Awwwww!!!! What a precious beginning! :)

    Congratulations, and here's hoping you share a lot more happy years together!

  2. Wow beautiful ;) ... I've been married 28 .... what a difference ... glad yours is a happy 29 ...

  3. Happy Anniversary! You seem really happy in your marriage. That is such an accomplishment and says a lot about both of you. Congratulations!

    You've been busy - love the blog's new look and the tab for The Good Deal Bus! I love that idea - is that the Roadtrek's new name? :)

  4. Ooops, just read your "About Me" and saw it IS the Roadtrek's new name - good one! I also like the "shown actual size. You are so funny! :)

    The kayaking photo at the bottom, I just noticed it, too. I got a laugh out of that one!

  5. Glad you like the name and the goofy photo. Maybe Doris and Katie will get to meet one day after all?

  6. Aw! So sweet. Somehow you all managed to be wearing classic, timeless gowns - is that allowed at a wedding?

  7. Oh Happy Anniversary!! Hope it was a wonderful day :-) The pics are wonderful.

  8. A big Happy Anniversary from far far away - for now.


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