Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day Trip

I'm hoping the weather will permit a brief shake-down cruise next week.  And some good hiking.

Yesterday we traveled to Dothan, AL for some family business and also a stop at Camping World. 

John drove

Yeah, Baby!

Our first meal in the bus.  We stopped for lunch at Sonic.  Because we no longer fit under the overhang, we parked in a vacant lot next door.  While John fetched the food, I cranked up the generator and the A/C.  Heaven! 

Is he thinking about golf or another hot dog?

This CW is one of the large ones with probably 20 RVs for sale inside.  The store is extensive as well.  I didn't get quite the level of help I wanted (the first employee who was helping me turned out to be the bookeeper!  The second employee had just started on Monday - I had to show him where the electrical section was).  But I think I got all of what I came for. 

An teeny tiny table - not much bigger than a coaster but it will fit nicely in the bus, water filter, surge protector, voltage meter, and a 30/15 adapter.  Next we went to the dump station where a nice young man let me know that I was managing my waste correctly. 

And, I don't want to brag or anything, but I'm now a member of the Good Sam Club.  But please .... treat me as you would anyone else. 

It felt odd just shopping in the store and not scrambling in and out of all the RV models because ...... now I don't have to!!!

So it was a successful trip.  The Good Deal Bus is a comfortable roadtrip vehicle for sure!

I discovered that my camera battery was low so I charged it going down the road. The convenience of that thrilled me no end.  That experience brought up an inverter question which was answered by the incredibly helpful Yahoo Roadtrek discussion group. 

The only sour note: the built-in TomTom was a navigational nightmare.  It's way too complicated to operate and I don't think it got anything right all day!  It kept threatening to take us on unpaved roads.  I threatened right back.  It seems incapable of recalculating.  The system is very unpopular with the Roadtrek crowd.  Not a problem - I'll just bring along my trusty Garmin on the road.  


  1. Waiting to hear about your first actual camping trip. :)

  2. I have that movie too, watched it a couple of weeks ago again. It's kind of interesting on that old trailer. What a fun day! I also have that tiny folding table, mine is white. I use it almost every day. It makes a nice little table for me to sit my laptop on while I'm not using it. Got mine at the Dollar General store years ago.
    Can't wait to hear of your first trip! Did John enjoy his day out in the
    Good Deal Bus?
    Oh, good choice on the surge protector too!

  3. What fun! Yes anxious to hear about your camping trip and I promise to treat you the same as before your GS membership lol

  4. More interior shots, please! From what I can tell, it's gorgeous!

  5. Congrats on your mini shakedown. My neighbor started camping with a 42 foot 400HP diesel pusher. He went camping at Walmart for a Summer on weekends, just to learn from other campers what he should know. He is now on the road full time. Knowing your RV and it's quirks will make everything go easy for you. Happy Travels.

  6. Hi I was going to email a reply to your comment/question on my last blog post but it says "no reply blogger". My email is on my blog if you want to correspond about solo RV'ing through email.

  7. I love the valuable info you supply in your posts. I like your writing style.

  8. Sorry about that, Teri. I went to my settings and tried to fix it but I'm not sure at all that I accomplished that. So much of Blogger remains a mystery.

  9. Sassy,

    I wanted to see what the passenger seat was like! And it gave me a chance to learn how to work Sirius, CD player, and TomTom.

  10. Garmin is good. Tom-tom...a pain in the ...well you know!


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