Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting Organized

Have spent the last couple of days cleaning the rig (which didn't take much) and getting stuff in its place. 

As you may remember, I already had camping equipment from my backpacking/tent camping/travel trailer days and I was gleefully adding to it before my big trip was aborted due to the tornado in November.

What a joy it's been to take the items out of storage and dust them off in preparation for a roadtrip! 

And Kindle has the rest

80 cu. ft. of storage doesn't sound like much & it's not.

This stuff didn't fit!  I'll have to find less bulky replacements. 

But I like it that way. I've always enjoyed the challenge of a small space.

This runner just fits and adds a splash of color
A must-have Manhattan kit.  Room for the cocktail glass, sweet and dry vermouth, and Candian Club. 
Gettin' ready's half the fun!

I love both my new houses!


  1. Hey Kim, glad to see you aren't forgetting the wine glasses!

  2. I always feel excited for the open road when I get ready for a trip. I clean out my minivan and then second guess on every item since I don't have much storage. So this keeps me from bringing stuff I don't need. I always think on my last trip and if I used it and try to write down items I wished I had.

    Your van looks homey with the rug so good idea. You need the chair and table though don't you? I have a folding chair and table that I slide between my bed and the extra space by the sliding door since in the back it's wider because of the tire.

    Have fun!

  3. Hi Van Dweller! Yes, I'll need a table and chair for sure. I have the electric sofa and it cuts down on the storage space for sure. I'm thinking a folding canvas chair that will fit in the closet and maybe a small lightweight fold-up type footstool for a table.

  4. Have you picked out your first destination?

  5. Small space lovers are a special breed.

    I love how the rug livens up the interior!

  6. Judy,

    I'm planning on a brief shake-down cruise to Pine Mountain(great hiking and maybe a few degrees cooler). As soon as weather permits, I'll do that. Even just a 10% drop in humidity would be welcome.

    Then I've got a cousin I want to visit in beautiful North Alabama so that will be a 4 - 5 day trip. In about 4 weeks the weather should be ideal for that.

    After that, I hope to see some interesting places as I start interviewing for teaching positions!

  7. You sassy wench ;) love your sundress ! and your cocktail kit ... HaHaa I mean er all have our priorities.., mine's a cookie basket

    Resulting in no sassy wench sundress pictures

    Live your Roadtrek ... Would live to have one ...

  8. Looking good! I remember how much fun it was to get just the right things that were perfect for The Palms. I still love my rug every day, and I'm sure you will too. It fits perfectly and the color is perfect, too.

    The terrible and disappointing things that happened in the last year opened some new doors, for sure, and it seems you have a better landscape outside these doors. I think nowadays smaller is better - and you still have John and Doris, the most important, to help you enjoy this new direction! :)

  9. Whoo hoo! Let the fun begin. Welcome to the CLass B club! Figuring out what you need and don't need is quite a journey. It looks really nice inside but for a solo traveler, there's a huge amount of space dedicated to seating and sleeping that is not used. That's the downside to those electric sofas. I put hooks on almost every single screw that was in my walls and that has been a really big help to hang up all kinds of things, especially as I go to bed. I also got some nice looking over cabinet hooks that are really helpful. I got one of those folding tables in your won't fit pic and keep it behind the driver's seat where it is completely out of the way. But I have yet to actually use it. My chair is a folding one that takes up less than 6 inches diameter. There are much better choices for you than the standard lawn chair.

  10. Your are right about the chair not being space-efficient. I just love my aluminum lawn chair! But I found a foldable one yesterday that is no doubt similar to yours. It is very lightweight and fits fine in the passenger side rear long compartment.

    I tried to place the table (which I also love) behind the driver's seat but it wouldn't fit, mainly because the cloverleaf table support is also back there.

    I'm a minimalist but this is really testing my limits.

  11. You can also get folding camping tables that are slatted. They fold up & have a stand that also collapses. All fits nice & snugly into a carrying bag that isn't much bigger than the folding camping canvas chairs. I carry one with me & get a lot of use out of it.
    Here is the one I got:

  12. Thanks TexCyn,

    That looks like a good solution!

  13. Ya I noticed the wine glasses also. Priorities for sure !! LOL

    Getting organized is indeed lots of fun - but wait until you experience the freedom of being on the road - yet sleeping in your very own bed at night !!


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