Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Labors

The good kind of labor.  The kind that no one pays you to do because it's fun. 

I’m trying to get acquainted with the Roadtrek in baby steps since the learning curve is mighty steep.  You all know what I’m talking about! 

Baby steps, as in trying to remember not to bang my head.

Yesterday I got a windshield screen (wrong size – I’ll return it today) and some extra fuses.  Finished lining the shelves with that great nubby stuff.  Moved the utensils into the galley.  Drove the rig to the local shopping center – picked up a tea kettle, a soup/cereal bowl, and 12 bottles of wine.  (The wine purchase was unrelated – we just needed to stock the cellar). 

The Good Deal Bus is so easy to drive around town!   It’s quite a change from the Beetle.  Of course, we parked a good distance from the store entrance.  But I tend to do that anyway.  I also played with the audio system – setting the Sirius channels, adjusting the sound etc …. 

Today the plan is to gas up, adjust the tire pressures, and finish stocking the galley.  I also need to play with the back-up camera to determine its range.  

Meanwhile I’ve been reading the library of manuals.  My head is full! 

 Happy Labor Day everyone!


  1. Sounds like fun!!!

    And I love your hippie van header. :D

  2. Sorry to post twice, but I just noticed your "Shown actual size" caption by the picture of the Roadtrek.

    So funny!

  3. Kim, where is our first venture with you? I feel like I am along for the ride with everyone I follow, so now I can ask you.

  4. How exciting to get everything set up. And I bump my head occasionally too, mostly on the back up camera.

  5. Yes, make sure you move slowly and watch where you are going. I was a mass of bruises on my arms and legs the first couple of months after I moved into The Palms. I still have a large bruise near by ankle that will probably never go away. I hit that area three times coming up the stairs into the rig, hurt like Hell! Now I'm used to the smaller space and don't do that anymore - thank Heavens. (Did you notice I got a Hell and Heavens in the same comment?)

    Things are looking good in The Good Deal Bus.

  6. Oh fun. I remember when I bought my rig. First thing I did was cleaned it really well. The new dirt was to be mine, not an inch of anyone else was to be had in my new to me rig! Then I bought items. Oh the fun days! Don't bump my head much in here, but I sure do in my conversion van. Ouch, so I understand it.

  7. Cleaning was the first thing I did too. It looked really clean but the brown in my bucket told a different story. You do have to watch your head and elbows in these things.


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