Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Trip Prep, More Microgrill

Getting Ready to Go

This week, I'm trying to get some household stuff done so I can blast-off next week.  The chores are pretty low-key: get new tires for the Beetle, do laundry, oil the dog ....  Also doing some low-grade mods for the Good Deal Bus and learning, learning, learning.  I spent a lot of the afternoon exploring Google Earth. I learned how to enter coordinates in my GPS.

And I'm thinking about what clothing to take, possible menus, routes, and trip supplies.  I was pleased that on the shake-down cruise last week, I needed everything I had and had everything I needed!    The only exception is my very charming Coleman Lantern, which I am oddly attached to more than I can explain. 

Must find room! 

I love entering destinations into my GPS!

A humble first mod.  I covered all but the back windows with Reflectix.  There is a notable difference, of course, in the interior temps while the GDB is parked. 

Moth balls wrapped in panty hose.  Effective mouse repellent or desperate act? 

First sign of autumn?

I also made plans to attend the Roatrek tech rally the first week of November.  This will be a new experience x 2.  I've never participated in a rally nor have I stayed at a private campground.  I hope to learn a lot. 

                                             More on the Microgrill

I was concerned it may not fit in the bus's 0.7 cubic ft. microwave.  But it does!  

Menu: Bone-in center-cut pork chops, green tomato casserole, and garlic nan.   

The preliminary results are in.  This is without question a practical piece of equipment for any RV kitchen equipped with a microwave.  Whether carnivore or vegetarian .... the Microgrill will provide.  It's simple to use, quick, and should I say it? .......... clean-up is a snap!

John, an inventive home cook and charcoal grilling purist, sums it up well: the Microgrill is the next best thing to outdoor grilling. 




Season with Lemon Pepper, microwave 3 minutes per side.  Sizzling, hot, juicy, cooked perfectly.  The grill marks are a bonus! 

If you are accustomed to a gas grill, you won't miss the absence of smoky flavor.  But we do.  So next week we plan to try experiment with chicken using Liquid Smoke. 

BTW, since I had the camera cocked, here is the Green Tomato Casserole.  It's an unusual dish and we love it! 

(Note: recipe posted under Jerry's comment).


  1. I predict you will love the rally. Nothing like getting together with folks that have the same type RV as you. You will come away with a load of new information for the GDB. We might have to invest in one of those grills. The results you have posted look really good. Oh, yeah, I want the recipe.

    1. Here it is!

      Green Tomato Casserole

      4 small or 2 large green tomatoes, sliced thin
      Large onion, sliced
      ½ tube of Ritz crackers
      4 oz. cheddar cheese, grated
      T. margarine or butter, cut into small sections
      To taste: crushed red pepper, seasoned salt, garlic powder (or whatever flavors you like)

      In a casserole dish, make one layer of tomatoes and onion slices and top with seasonings. Repeat. Top with crackers, cheese, dot with margarine.

      Cook at 325 for about 45 minutes until tomatoes are tender.


  2. Do you have an oven, or just the microwave? Is your microwave convection? That grill really looks like it does the job.

  3. I've already gotten my order ready for a new grill. When I'm in Bluewater Lake next week I'll order it through amazon.com. Some reviews said it was was a bit small, but I was glad to see it was a smaller size. I have a small microwave, too, and only cook for myself, so I don't need anything big.

    I'm glad you guys have such a good review of the grill, I'm looking forward to receiving mine. :)

    1. I got mine through Amazon too. They are small - one size only - but I suppose that's because microwaves have such limited room.

  4. Well, even though I'm a vegan, that grill looks pretty darn neat! I've been lugging around a Weber tabletop LP grill but it takes up alot of room and, these days, I only cook grilled veggies on it-- so this little thing looks very interesting! I see on Amazon that there's a steamer pot available as well. Have you heard any feedback yet about that one?

    Enjoy your trip and the RT rally. I've yet to attend a rally where I didn't learn and laugh a lot...and meet some great new camping buddy friends to plan future adventures with!

    1. The other Microhearth garners good reviews as well. I'm excited about the rally!

  5. I never pictured moth balls being so big. Good luck with those - they weren't very good luck for the moth.

    1. Har!!!! BTW, I've been ordering truckloads of stuff from Amazon lately and I'm using the Duck link. Hope it shows.

  6. lol, I've heard of moth balls repelling mice, but I never saw that application of them. I thought most people just sprinkle them around on the ground under the RV. The National Wildlife Refuge handbook for employees said to put lights under the RV. So I am going to buy one of those mechanics lights with a hook on the end.

    1. Teri,

      The moth balls are toxic to animals so I wouldn't leave them lying on the ground. If I had access to an outlet at the condo, I would try to light.

  7. Ok I must say the microwave grill appears to be great. I do hope it is not as hard to clean as the Foreman single I use. Are those balls hanging from your tire a warning for married men?
    Leave a comment on my blog if you get down to Merritt Island Fl. We will buy you a shrimp dinner at a great restaurant in Titusville.

    1. LOL! You'll have to ask my husband if it works.

      What a nice invitation! I'll let you know.

      Yes - very easy to clean. You could basically just wipe it out and really conserve the water.

  8. Oh,I like that grill! But I have too many gadgets..hmmm, maybe I need a bigger RV ;-) the moth ball thing cracked me up! Have a wonderful time at the rally.

  9. Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait to try it. Sounds like something we would love.

  10. The MicroGrill is a good kitchen addition while longer camping or just touring over a weekend. Your recipes look delicious.Something you might be interested in is the Omnia Stove Top Bake Oven. www.theboatgalley.com/omnia-stove-top-baking-oven/
    Baking a cake or a homemade pizza on a gas stove top can be fun on a cold winter RV trip. It is compact size and packs easily.
    Bill G
    New Bern, NC


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