Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turkey and Swiss on Rye, Oh My!

Eventually I will stop writing about the Microgrill.  But I've seen so much interest expressed, I though I would share this .............. 

John usually makes our grilled sandwiches on a stovetop cast-iron grill pan.  This new way is quicker and doesn't heat up the kitchen.  And the microgrill is way easier to clean tha the heavy cast-iron.  Another bonus is that it crisps up the crust as well.   I tell you, this was one crunchy samich!

Here's how: Butter one side of each bread slice.  Spread mayo on the other other side.  Layer one side with turkey and cheese.  Put together. 

Spray a little oil on the bottom of the grill pan.  Place in microgrill (always cook with the cover on), cook x 2-3 minutes.  Turn sandwich over and cook another minute. 

A great tip I picked up from the cooking forum at rvnet is to "pre-heat" the empty microgrill in the microwave for a couple of minutes.  It really makes those grill marks appear. 

We are converts.  I'm going to stop at the next Camping World I come across to see if I can pick up another for a good price - one for home and one for the RV.  I didn't envision that we would use it so much at home. 


  1. You sure are tempting me! Where are you camping next? I want to be beside you for the eats. ;+)

  2. Yum, yum! We don't have a grill and we only have a microwave/convection oven combo which came with no instructions. We, too, use a cast iron pan on the stovetop for our grilled sandwiches.

    Your descriptions make me want one of these even though I can't eat solid food right now. You should be a salesperson for this company and make commission on how many of these you sell!


  3. I think this is the perfect thing for you when you go on solo trips in your RV, and for Your husband while you are away. Good thinking to get two!

  4. What a cool, useful item! I am surprised at how well it works!

  5. I ordered mine this afternoon - should be here on Monday, and I'll try it right out. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as grilled cheese and tomato and also grilled tuna-cheese-onion sandwiches, super good! I wonder if I could make a small meatloaf?

  6. Battery operated? chuckle sigh

    boy that tomato casserole looked reeeeeally good.

  7. Making your green tomato dish tomorrow...have lots of green ones, as always this time of year...

  8. First time I've caught up here in quite a few weeks. I've been slammed since late summer and now things are calming down. Love your rig! I want one! LOL We have two fifth wheels but I'd love to have a smaller rv to go out on my own sometime. If you ever get to the mid-atlantic states (VA) do let me know. We can camp in WIlliamsburg :-) I'll try to keep up better!


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