Friday, October 26, 2012

All Better!

Wish I'd seen that sign before I got myself into this.

I spent yesterday here at Burton Campers in Calera, AL where I bought my Roadtrek some 8 weeks ago.

It’s a 2+ hour drive so I didn’t get there until mid-morning.  I reviewed the GDB’s list of symptoms with Lyle, the service manager.  Then they took the GDB away and I was told to wait, they would come get me if they needed me.  I felt like I had just admitted my best friend to the hospital!  It was the typical service department hang-out with faux leather couch, TV, and outdated Trailer Life magazines.  So I worked some crosswords and watched TV with the sound off.  Actually, just like a morning at home! 
Four hours later, everything was taken care of! 

Inoperable Battery switch

The solenoid (I can pronounce it but am still not exactly sure what it is) was replaced.  Lyle told me this is a $300 repair - $100 for the part plus 2 hours of labor.  However, he spoke with Roadtrek and, though my 4-year warranty doesn’t generally cover “electrical issues”, they made an exception.  I should mention that I showed up with chocolate chip muffins for the guys in the service bay. 
Cost $3, savings $300?

Leaking Galley Window 

The leak was sealed with a compound.  After testing, they determined (as I had) that the water was coming into the seam of the upper middle portion of the window.  There was some discussion about taking it to an auto glass place here at home thus saving me a trip back, but here’s hoping the fix works. 

Frozen DVD Door
Lyle pulled the DVD player out of its cabinet – not easy to do because the previous owner had it shimmed in there.  Suddenly the door is opening and closing quite nicely.  Lyle blamed the summer heat.  I hope that fixes it, but I imagine I’ll always hold my breath after watching a movie.  Note to self: ask library how much they charge patrons for DVD replacements.

Non-existent Cable Signal

The cable problem was determined to be, well, pilot error.  Turns out, there is a black button in the upper corner of one of the cabinets that must be pushed in (or is it out?) in order to get the signal.   In my defense, this is both hard to see and hard to access.   And apparently hard to mention in the owner's manual.   

I stopped at a nearby Camping World to return a few items but didn’t buy anything.  How many times do you walk out of that place with more $ than you walked in with?  I got permission to dump the tanks at their “campground” – a parking lot in the back of the building that holds about 16 rigs  But it’s free!  And has water, electric, and sewer.  Is that typical of CWs?  Make a note in case you are passing by on I-65. 
I’m no fan of macerator pumps but it emitted (among other things) a lovely purrrrr.  At least it seemed so after being unusable due of the battery issue.   

Gotta share a priceless tip I received from a member of the Yahoo Roadtrek group.  It’s impossible for one person to man the macerator pump button and see the flow out of the nozzle.  How can one know when the tanks are empty?  So I followed Judy’s advice and bought an 8” long transparent piece of 1 ¼” diameter plastic and connected it to the nozzle.  This causes the hose to set up nicely and allows me to tell whether and when stuff is coming out. 

Photo taken from the pump button - probably 10 feet away
Well, now I have a free place to stay if and when I come back to the dealer.  Next time I’ll go up the night before so I won’t feel rushed.  And make a donation to Camping World, of course. 

It was a pretty day and a nice drive home.  I’m so relieved that the GDB is all better! 


  1. Hmmm, I'll have to remember that--chocolate chip muffins.

    Sounds like a very nice CW.

  2. Chocolate chip muffins for the service guys! That's "news we can use!"

    So glad everything worked out so well.

  3. I'm so happy you got everything done. Isn't that a nice feeling?

    I did the same thing with my TV. I had no idea there was a button up there in the cupboard. On or off - that was the difference between cable and the TV antenna. Trust me, you'll have a few more of those. Like my recent fridge flub. Now I'm curious about what else is coming that I have no idea about so far...

    Don't forget you can always go on the RV forums, like the Escapees, there are lots of them. Put in the key words and usually someone will have already asked the same questions and gotten some answers. That's usually where I look first.

  4. Glad you got those things taken care of. I stopped at our CW in Katy. Needed my generator worked on, but it was a Sunday. I asked if they had a space where I could stay the night to get my generator fixed the next morn. They said no, so I moved onto someone else that could work on it and let me stay there.

  5. Nice...the muffins touch and all! Thanks for your support on my project. Very much appreciated! The link to my book project is now on my blog too.

  6. Hope the leak fix works, keep an eye on it. Happy to hear you are now ready for the road, be safe out there.
    Tom in Merritt Island Florida where the island life is nice.

  7. Sounds like everything was smooth sailing. Good tip about the muffins! Smart lady :-)

  8. I did a free O/N and dealt also with the tanks at a CW while driving across the Country. I think most of them allow this.....not all of course.

  9. Glad to see you have the GDB all fixed up and ready for the next adventure. I was prepared to offer my free repair services while at Kissimmee Rally. No muffins required. I just have one question, is that a really huge muffin on a dinner plate ?


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