Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 3 - Alabama Trip

Thursday October 4, 2012

Spent a satisfying day hanging out in Ft. Payne.  Temps in the low 70’s, the skies sunny.  What fun parking under a shady tree at City Hall, firing up the generator, and having coffee and cake.  Then I explored Main Street on foot.  This small agricultural valley town may not seem like anything special but my family’s roots go deep here. 

Like my Aunt Mildred who taught elementary school for over 40 years – my father was one of her pupils.  And my Uncle Hoyt who was town mayor for a time and town undertaker for a lot longer.  My grandfather, one of the few local doctors, started his practice in 1900.  He owned the very first car in North Alabama, a Model T.  His nine children constantly argued over who got to drive Papa on his house calls.      

The town still smells the same to me – like magnolia. 

Here’s the old family home.  The musician Randy Owen, of Alabama fame, bought it some years back as a place to house visitors. 
My parents were married in the parlor located on the lower left.  I spent many happy hours on that porch (much later, that is)!   

The slate steps are original and look and feel exactly the same. 

The town is proud of Alabama.  And they are proud of their town.         

City park entrance
Of course, I spent some time at our family cemetery – a reminder, once again, that nothing lasts. 
My parents had their first date in this theater.  The movie was Gone With The Wind.

Later, I dropped into the library to catch up on blogging and email.  

After my day in town, I stopped to air up the tires, returned to my campsite, grabbed a hot shower, and settled down to enjoy a quiet sunset.  Soon a family with 3 little boys pulled into the space next to me and proceeded to set up a tent.  Boys of the age who like to yell at the top of their lungs and hit things with sticks.  I’m sure they are a lovely family but …. nooooo thank you. 

Besides, what’s the point of being on wheels if you can’t move when you want to? 

I scouted the campground on foot and found a separate area with 31 pull-through sites.  It was maybe ½ full of both small and large rigs but seemingly very quiet.  Perfect!  But wait…. 

At the first site I tried, my polarity tester read “reverse polarity”.  Danger! it said.  I won’t tell you what I said.

So I moved to an adjacent spot which happens to be right next to ….. another Roadtrek!  What are the odds?   Unfortunately, by now it was practically dark and getting past cocktail hour so I didn’t get to meet the owner.  Maybe tomorrow.

I’m having a blast learning the ins and outs of the GDB.  I must be catching on because I’m able to glide around the interior with minimal injury now.  Not only are my movements more efficient, but the bus feels much bigger now that I’ve been living in it.  Thank God it didn’t get smaller!   And I feel competent now after all the hook-practice.  Not to mention my backing-up skills.       

Tonight’s menu:  leftover gravy and biscuits from yesterday and some sausage that John grilled before I left.  

So, I’m snug for the night.  I wouldn’t mind staying another day but cousin Charlotte is expecting me in Huntsville tomorrow.    


  1. Glad to hear it feels bigger the more your in it...that's will be my task to ponder soon :O)

  2. How sweet to see the family home. Lovely.

  3. Very interesting blog. Thank you for sharing your roots, your old home and your hometown. I loved looking at the photos.

    The library looked particularly inviting.

    Your parents and I must be of the same vintage. Gone with the Wind came out when I was in high school. LOL.


  4. What a beautiful home! You must have so many memories running up and down stairs inside.

    Good for you - moving campsites to get away from the little kiddels. It IS nice to be able to chose our neighbors, isn't it?

    Check out my post tomorrow - I'm doing a review on the Microhearth Grill Pan. After a slow start, I really like it now. :)

  5. I get the same feeling about the Alfa. It is just right for us!

  6. It's nice to be able to go back and see where your family is from. And I love parking in small towns, having lunch in the RV and walking around the town square. My rig is a bit wider than yours but I can still park pretty easily in most parking spaces. I bumped and bruised myself a lot during the first month, too.

  7. Beautiful! Love the slate steps! Love homes like this and the stories ... I always wonder who lives/lived in houses as I drive around ... Especially the grand old homes


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