Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 6 - Alabama Trip

Sunday October 7, 2012

It’s 4:30 PM and I arrived at Guntersville State Park just a bit ago.  I thought the campground might be busy due to the Columbus Day holiday but I was wrong.  There are just 3 rigs in my little loop.   Lake Guntersville is a large recreational area created by the TVA out of the dammed Tennessee River.  I’ve visited this park many times but never stayed in the campground.  It’s a beautiful part of the state; the lake is lovely, though low, and ringed by softly distant forested hills. 

However, the campground is not what I expected, aesthetically-speaking.  Thanks to the tornado that swept across the northern section of the state this past April.  Untold numbers of trees were lost and, sadly, the campground looks like a plucked chicken.

The campground office has photos of the devastation and it was, well, devastating.  They are rebuilding but how do you replace those old trees?  You can’t.    

Night will come in a few hours and I am positioned to see the sunset over the lake out my front window, feet propped on the sofa.  None too shabby!  In fact, the sun has finally won the battle over the clouds so there should be some serious pastels.  Isn’t it grand when Nature co-operates? 

There’s a fisherman on the pier about 100 feet away from my campsite and a heron even closer.  They have a shared purpose, I suppose.   Wonder who will catch his dinner first?  Thanks to my tinted windows all around neither of them can watch me watch them.  I love that!     

My neighbors have this cute little Scamp.  I find those little fiberglass eggs irresistible!  This one is older but well-cared for. 

I’m just fine with kicking back tonight because I’m not exactly in adventure-mode.  I’m feeling a little lonely after leaving Charlotte and Carla.  I wish they were here so we could continue our time together.  I’m also really missing my mom & dad after seeing (and, shockingly, hearing them) on the DVD last night.    

I’m not sorry to be heading home tomorrow.  I do miss John and Doris so!   
But when I get home, I'll be dreaming of heading out again.  


  1. Hasn't taken you long to get into the mode of thinking like a traveler - it's hard to leave, but oh what is the next adventue . . .

  2. It's been a grand trip, I'd say! :)

  3. One of the best things about going is that it makes coming home so special. And vice versa. :)

  4. ah ... great trip.... and oh those tinted windows! man! I would love to have that .... you don't have to put curtains up? You can see out but they can't see in... want it

    Always so sad to see nature devastating itself but then the renewal is fascinating....

    1. During daylight, no one can see in. At night, when I turn the interior lights on, the interior is visible so I have to draw the curtains.

  5. Good trip... love the scamp too. My folks had one, my brother still has it...though without use it gets a bit closed in smelling...my folks loved it though.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip. The going home is very nice after a trip but even while traveling back home, plans for the next trip start rolling around in the brain!


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