Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 7 - Alabama Trip

Monday October 8, 2012

Awoke to a cool and steady gray drizzle.  And an Osprey atop the tree outside my window.  Sorry, no pics.  I was afraid too much movement would cause him to flee.  I watched him for the longest time.  One of my favorite parts of life in the GDB is being able to lift the shade in the morning and stare at the always-changing scene outside the window.  Know what I mean?

It was chilly enough for the heat pump last night.  It worked great! So, that's one more appliance I've conquered.   I have still to use the water pump but I'll get a chance to do that when dry camping, probably in Quartzsite.  

I thoroughly enjoyed last night with nothing to do.  Like John says, I got nothing to do and I can't wait to get started

Tried on my new microfleece nightshirt

I find time passes almost unnoticed in the GDB.  Everytime I look up it's an hour later!  It's like living in some kind of cozy wormhole.

Watched the sunset, did the crossword, had dinner, edited photos, and calculated my mileage - 13.5 MPG.  Not bad for several days on cab A/C and hilly terrain. 

While breaking camp after the rain stopped this AM, I saw my neighbor - a fisherman with a truck camper.  Due to the rain, he was late for his appointment with some fish.  He told me he wanted my rig, I told him he couldn't have it.  But I think the Roadtrek would be ideal for fishing as it could easily tow a boat.  You'd just have to be careful not to get the generator wet when launching.  But I'm already spoiled with the 10-minute set-up/take-down and, as much as I like truck campers, wouldn't want to mess with loading and unloading one from a truck bed. 

I wanted to make some stops in the small towns I traveled through on the back roads (I enjoy Main Street, USA) but the rain continued until I was about an hour from home.  At that point, the sun appeared abruptly and the temperature rose 21 degrees over the next few miles.  By then I was ready to get to the house so I didn't stop except for nourishment. 

Doris indicated she was pleased to see me. 

Back in the stable


  1. Love the idea of "back in the stable." I always think of the Alfa as being "tucked in"

  2. Home safe and sound! I know what you mean about the time just flying by. Believe me, it races when you're full-timing!

    I love the "Back in the stable" photo, too. Very cute!

    After all your RV planning and employment ups and downs, isn't it wonderful to be right where you are now?

    1. Yes!!! It's been a long road and I never forget that.

  3. Sounds like a "happily ever after" story.

    Let us know how long it takes for the itch to hit the road again strikes. :)

  4. When people question my living in a small space, I tell them its my little cocoon. Warm and safe and comfy.

  5. You look all warm and cozy...Doris is adorable!


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