Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hobbies: mouse-thwartation, blogging, and long walks on the beach

GDB Maintenance

Yesterday John washed the van - bless him - and today we tackled the interior.  We also checked the water level in the batteries and the generator oil level. 

The GDB is looking pretty spiff!

I also got some essence of peppermint oil.  Some folks say this is a rodent-deterrent. 

It would work for me, that's for sure - I'm not crazy about mint.  But I'll do my duty and apply it to some cotton balls and place throughout the GDB.  I'll let you know if it works.  And, of course, if it doesn't. 

Last time we got a heavy rain, I noticed some water leaking into the galley.  We isolated the location of the leak yesterday as I situated myself inside while John, hose in hand, sprayed the window.  There it was - a little trickle of water.  So I need to have the window re-sealed.  I'm wondering if the fix-it guy who will be at the rally in November could do this?  I may drive back to the dealer before that; I'll know more after calling Roadtrek this week.  I'm not sure exactly when the coach warranty expires, but I should have at least 18 months left on it. 


On this last trip, I was thinking about how much I enjoy writing a blog.  And how much of a hobby blogging has become.  And about all the cool people I've connected with since I began.  I was a frustrated blogger in the beginning, as fate conspired to keep me grounded for so long.  But now that I'm road-worthy, I find that journaling helps me to both focus and reflect upon events.  And it's a creative outlet.  I especially like editing the photos at the end of the day and building a post around the images.  For me, blogging just enhances the whole travel experience. 

I also derive a lot of happiness traveling along with you all and staying inspired to follow in your tread marks.  And what a rich source of information!  For example, someone - I think it may have been Barbara of Me and My Dog fame - made cards to distribute to people she meets along the way, people who may want to follow her online.  Good idea.

So I made my own today.  It was fun to design. 


I don't have any heavy card stock so I'll take the file to a printer this week and get some decent copies. 

November Coastal Trip

Meanwhile I'm doing some loose trip-planning for my Atlantic Coast journey.  The Roadtrek Tech Rally begins November 6th in Kissimmee so I'm trying to determine when I should leave so I can mosey down in that direction.  I'm especially looking forward to traveling up the coast after the rally.  I didn't realize until I started looking at the area how much there is to see and do and eat in that part of FL and GA.   I guess living in AL for so long has made me complacent about the ocean but now I realize .... I've missed a whole coast!  

What fun!


  1. Your cards are adorable.

    I need to do the same thing. A number of people have given me their cards over the year we've been out. Now it's time to make some for us.

  2. Oh, cards. I forgot! Thanks for the reminder to make some new ones.

  3. Get that leak fixed sooner than later. leaks are very, very bad for RV's. Love your cards! so cute :-)
    Once I leave here, I plan on putting my url on my back window

  4. Oh good idea TexCyn ... Putting the URL on the rig itself!

  5. I love your cards, Kim. I also build my blog posts around my photos. I've discovered it's the only way to share trip photos without boring my family and friends to tears! :D

    I am so looking forward to reading about your Roadtrek rally and exploring the FL/GA coast.

  6. Are you coming as far north as Virginia? If so, we definitely have to get together!!!

    1. No - not this trip. The furthest north I'll get is SC, then head west for home. I have a feeling we will meet one of these days though!

  7. Can't wait to hear if the peppermint works....and you write a wonderful blog!

  8. aw, great cards and idea ...

    "But now that I'm road-worthy, I find that journaling helps me to both focus and reflect upon events. And it's a creative outlet. I especially like editing the photos at the end of the day and building a post around the images. For me, blogging just enhances the whole travel experience. "

    LOVE THIS and yes! right on....

  9. I love your cards, they are just darling, and you'll be happy to have them to hand out along the way - Especially at the Rally. I need to make more, too.

    I've met three women who read my blog the last couple of days, and it's fun that they know me and Katie and The Palms. Like meeting friends on the road. You'll find the same thing as you get more into this lifestyle.

    1. That must be a surreal experience for everyone involved. I hopt I get to meet all the folks I follow one day. And their pets, of course!

  10. In all the camping we did, we never had a bug or critter problem. Perhaps we were lucky. Get the leak fixed, they can cause major problems. Rust, wood rot, glue removal and unwanted humidity in your RV. Good luck on your upcoming trip.

  11. Your cards are fun. I need to make more too. I have met some people along the way or right here in Tucson. Have fun love your Roadtrek

  12. Love your cards also !

  13. How/what do you plan to teach online, if I might ask?

    I am a veterinarian, I also teach (vet tech), and I also appreciate your spay/neuter sticker. I was a high volume spay/neuter surgeon before I got into teaching. 20,000 surgeries in five years was enough, I needed a break from that. Would love to teach "online", somehow. There are a few accredited online programs designed for assistants working in a vet hospital who want to become certified techs, but none of them ever seem to be hiring instructors.

    1. Hi Dr. Dave. I'll be teaching undergraduate or graduate nursing courses or both.

      Good for you - I guess we could do the math and figure out how many lives you saved! Thanks for that!

      I can't imagine Veterinary Science programs don't have online faculty for core courses, at least. You may know about these sources, but I'll post the links all the same.

      There is also a Yahoo discussion group where you could post your queries:

      Good luck to you!


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