Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Solutions and Problems

I like having 62 cu. ft. of cargo space because I prefer to travel light.  I'm pretty happy with what I've got on board and how it's arranged except that, after 2 trips, I hadn't sorted out how to store garbage beyond using a plastic shopping bag hanging on a hook. 

I've been giving it a lot of thought and shopping around and I think I finally found 2 good solutions at one of those AutoSomething stores.

A lined bag that seals during travel. 
It should be the right size for the minimal trash I produce

It has a pocket for waste bags

Open for business.

I also found a small (8" or so in diameter) vinyl pop-up receptacle for the bathroom.  It has a velcro bottom which should be perfect for travel.

At first, I planned to stow my laundry in the one closet cupboard but there is precious little room for that. Again, I gave it considerable thought, then suddenly had one of those DUH! moments.  I looked in our linen closet and found one of those canvas tote bags I never use and hung it on an over-the-door hook.  This should work both for storing dirty laundry and transporting it to and from the GDB.

Don't you just love simple solutions?

Speaking of which, I've got a laundry list of issues for the Roadtrek dealer with whom I have an appointment on Thursday.  It's about a 2-hour drive one-way but the weather should be nice.  The serviceman keeps telling me I might have to leave the bus and I keep telling him I can't.  How would I get home?  I'll be prepared to camp out if needed. 

I'm resigned that it may take more than one trip but I want to get a start on these (hopefully minor) problems.  I've already mentioned the window leak but I'll go into more detail about the other stuff when I post about the trip. 

At the same time, I'm optimistically hoping all will be resolved by the time I leave on my Atlantic Coast trip in 11 days. 

I suddenly realized yesterday that I'll be at the Roadtrek Tech Rally on election day.  I applied for an absentee ballot but I may have left it too late.  (Update: my ballot arrived 2 days after I mailed the request.  What alacrity!).   

Anybody else on the road November 6th? 


  1. Love your trash and laundry solutions. Complete with bag storage!

    Good luck at the dealer's. Hope they get all your issues resolved without your having to camp out there.

    Looking forward to your trip!

  2. I just love it when a "problem/situation/challenge" can be solved with something you have at home that you are not using. I have found more uses with stuff that I label "someday this will have a use". If not, after a couple of years - out it goes.

  3. I'm going to the same rally as you but I'm only about 1+ hour away so I'll either vote before I leave or early vote on Sat. if I get back from Branson in time. See you there.
    P.S. Did you know that at the rally there'll be a tech from Leisure Time RV who is excellent so if you have something small, sign up to have him come to you if you don't get it all done before you leave.

    1. Cool! I look forward to meeting you. And the tech!

  4. We sent off our ballots today. They were mailed out on October 11th, but we had to wait until they reached our mail service, and then have them forwarded to us. Got 'em yesterday, and mailed them back today.

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie  <-- Alpine, Arizona


    Today:  Sierra Blanca Lake

  5. Great solutions, Kim ... I do the foldable little things too along with hanging shoe bags to put a lot of thises an thats in ....

    I had no idea I was going to be gone on election day. I went online to see what I could do ... I can print the stuff... mail it in and they will mail it back...

    I don't have an address. can not believe this. Sooooo

  6. I like that feeling of accomplishment when you solve a space problem in the RV. When we go on a trip, I seem to come home with new ideas!

  7. Sent for our absentee ballots in lots and lots of time, but haven't received them yet. Of course, our mail contact moved, so that may be jamming up the works.

  8. Trash in a Casita is finally answered. Been looking for some solutions...thx for the share!!!

  9. Wow, guess we're lucky here in Illinois-- we have Early Voting, so I just went and voted today. No lines, no waiting!

    Love all the neat tiny solutions you're finding for your van! Have fun at the rally!

  10. Well, I have my mail-in ballot too and I must get it in the mail. It keeps calling to me . . . but I've been avoiding it.

    May I share with you what's been keeping me from reading and commenting on blogs lately?

    "This Restless Life: a study of Central Coast California parks through photography, interpretive collage and stories" is a book project of which I'm in the midst. If you have the time and the inclination, would you take a look at my short video at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1778487749/this-restless-life?ref=email to learn more about the project? If you like the project, would you share it with your network of friends and family? Thank you sincerely. (I have a link to the video at the top of my blog page too.)

    1. Hi Levonne,

      How excititng! I'd love to see the video and learn more about the book project. I'll check it out as soon as I return from my trip to the dealer. For those of you who don't know Levonne, check out her blog - she is a talented photographer.

  11. I love your problem solving, I agree that simple solutions usually work best. I had a larger metal garbage holder for my kitchen, and a smaller bathroom-sized one came with it. There's a little pedal you step on, and the top comes up. The large one went in the estate sale, and the bathroom one is now in my kitchen, under the sink. Just the right size, and it's a perfect fit for those plastic grocery bags. I don't have a bathroom trash container.

    In California we have a permanent mail voter category, and that's what I've done for years. The mail-in ballot went to my mail service and they mailed it to me. I sent in a week or two ago. Such a good feeling.

    Good luck with the service, and enjoy the rally. That's really going to be fun and informative.

  12. I have the pop-up can and a laundry bag but I need a kitchen can. I think the top one you have that stores its own bags and hangs on your door hook might work. Thanks for the idea. Guess I need to go inside a few truck stops or auto stores.

  13. Hope the service work goes well and they get it done in a day! We can vote absentee ballot in person (wierd huh?) and I voted two weeks ago. I wasn't sure if we would be around or not or if I'd have a good day or a bad day (on a bad day there's no way I'm standing in line) so I always vote early :-)

  14. Love your space saving solutions. Seems like on every trip I find something that needs to be fixed. Think it's all just part of the 'house on wheels' living.


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