Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 1 – Atlantic Coast Trip – Sunday November 4th - Seminole State Park, FL

Posting this from the Taylor County Public Library, Perry, Florida.   

Not much to tell regarding the day.  That’s a good thing, right?  Aren’t most of the best drives uneventful?  Went through some pretty agricultural country – what we here in the south call the “wiregrass”.  The drive was enhanced with good U.S. Highways, light traffic, a high of only 80, and an overcast sky.  The GDB performed flawlessly!

No cell coverage here at Seminole State Park.  I got my usual late start at about 12:15 after sharing a chocolate-covered doughnut with DH and saying a quick goodbye to Doris (who’s been looking at me like I’m some kind of suspicious character).    

I’m one of only 5 rigs here.  Site #16 sits on the shore of Lake Seminole. 

I’ve got a beautiful Sylvester-looking cat hanging out at the campsite.   She is beautiful and looks very healthy.  She must be gator-savvy to have made it to this age as there are signs all round announcing their presence.   I hope she's mouse-savvy too. 

For dinner, I’ve got a leftover grilled chop and John’s mac’n’cheese, along with a teeny tiny bottle of Beaujolais. 

I finally figured out how to use the antenna and scan for channels so I may watch “Columbo” tonight.  And catch up on some crossword action. 

Has it become cliché to say Life Is Good?  Maybe.  It doesn’t sound so cliché when you mean it.



  1. Sounds lovely. Yes, the "no excitement" travel days are best.

  2. Doris's expression is hilarious!

    Sometimes the "not much to tell" camping days can be the most soul-restoring ones.

  3. ANy day camping is a good day!


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