Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 12 – Thursday November 15th – Fernandina Beach, FL

As hoped, I made it back to the Marina Restaurant for lunch.  I ordered the soft-shell crab (what else?), fries, cole slaw, and sweet tea. 

Oh My! 
I see why they’ve been in business for 40 years!  When you are just steps away from the wharf, the standards are high.  And my theory that paper placemats = good, unpretentious seafood is, once again, supported by the evidence of my clean plate! 

My original plan was to make it back to the park and maybe rent a bicycle, explore the park, and do some beachcombing but the weather was uninviting – gray skies, blustery winds, chilly temps. 

So, happily sated, I walked the streets of Fernandina Beach again.   

Here’s another thing I’ve learned that no one tells you.  If you want some good quality clothing but you’re cheap (like me) visit the consignment shops in the ritzy area.  Fernandina Beach shares the same pricy real estate that is Amelia Island.  So …… I ducked in here. 

Consignment Shop
And bought a dress for $7.   

Tres chic!

I passed by Lowe’s and parked to see if the wi-fi is as good as rumored.  Alan and Susan, the musicians who full-time in their Roadtrek and performed at the rally, swear by Lowe’s parking lot internet.  They were right. 

Quick connection and good speed.  Finally I get a little rebate from all these years we’ve been loyal Lowe’s customers! 

BTW, here is Alan and Susan’s blog if you are interested.  I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.  Really neat couple.  They dry camp pretty much exclusively.

After finding some crab soup for dinner later tonight from The Crab Trap, another local restaurant highly praised by the natives, I arrived back at the campground and met my new neighbors.  I didn't learn their names or hometown, but this is their vintage camper.  They were gracious enough to let me take some photos. 

A 1972 Fleetwood Prowler

Isn't it a gem?  They’ve owned it for 6 years and, as you can see, have put a lot of work into it.  They take it out for weekends. I just love it when a deserving rig finds a good home. 

Towards dusk, the wind died down and the sun peeked weakly through the heavy clouds.  I still can’t believe this is my view a mere 30 paces from the door of the GDB.   For $30 a night yet.

Tomorrow I leave Florida for St. Mary’s, GA where the Cumberland Island Visitor’s Center is located.  I’ve decided not to take the ferry to the island – I would have to be there at 8:30 (ugh!) and the ferry doesn’t return until 4:45.  That’s a long day and the weather is supposed to be much like today’s.  But I’m sure I’ll learn a lot touring the facility. 

Then I turn west …. towards home …. via the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge!   

So long, Florida!!!


  1. If you are ever in Palm Springs CA, shop the consignment or "recycling/2nd hand" stores. The clothes I found were extremely inexpensive and good name brands. Even the Goodwill store has a treasure! Glad you are enjoying your trip so much.

  2. I'm going to have to get out and shop some more with my new size. I have always loved consignment stores, but haven't bought much for the last few years.

  3. Kim - do you read Judy Brll's blog? She is volunteering at Okefeike right now.

    I'll send URL from my computer later.

    Judie Ashford

  4. Yums on the foods! That little ol vintage tralier is adorable!

  5. I sure do read her blog! In fact, I just met the lady herself!

  6. Thank goodness - for a change I was eating my own late lunch when reading about yours! I lOVE crab! Way too expensive most of the time, but it's sooo good. (I was eating a sliced, grilled chicken sandwich, the chicken was grilled in my microwave griller. My first chicken experiment, and it was super. Well cooked, juicy, really good! That's the way to go, for sure.)

  7. Here's something you may not know about me: I'm a Fernandina Beach HS graduate. I use that trivia everywhere, hoping to score free stuff, but I only get blank stares.

    1. I don't know what you're talking about.



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