Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 13 - Friday November 16th - Folkston, GA

Settled in for the night just outside the entrance to the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge in Southeastern Georgia. 
 I stopped here for a couple of reasons.  One is, of course, the great opportunity to view wildlife and the second was the chance to meet Judy (who is not wild at all).  She was kind enough to drive over and make sure I had arrived. 

Judy has a very popular blog, Travels with Emma, that I’ve been following for a couple of years.  This amazing woman fulltimes in her motorhome, along with adopted mutt Emma, as she volunteers at Wildlife Refuges across the country.   

 It was a real thrill to meet her!  As we were talking, Judy spotted a pair of red-headed woodpeckers. 

Check out the locations she's traveled to over the years. 

Well, tomorrow should be a lot of fun even if the sun doesn't show up.  The refuge is hosting an “Old Fashioned Sugar Cane Boil”.  I don’t know what that is, but there will be biscuits …. that’s all I need to know.  And Bluegrass!  I’m looking forward to driving the loop and perhaps spotting some Cranes. 

I can’t tell you how these dreary skies of the last few days has changed the whole vibe of this trip.  The #1 topic of conversation among local folk seems to be about what happened to the sun.  It’s just gone!  The passengers boarding the ferry for the Cumberland Island National Seashore looked glum and I don't blame them.  Is there anything more dampening to the spirits than a gray blustery day at the seashore?  People keep saying that this is an aberration for this time of year.    

Here is a shot of Amelia Lighthouse taken over the expanse of salt marsh in the Fort Clinch campground as I left this morning.  It's hard to get a pretty photo with this sky as a background. 

And here are a few photos from later in the day at St. Mary’s, GA.  Another lovely small seaside community where the Visitor Center for the Cumberland Island NS is located. 

I observed my morning coffee ritual parked behind this pretty church.

 I stopped for some internet at the town library. 

 All in all, another fun day on the road.  With the promise of more tomorrow!


  1. I agree. Nothing like grey, drippy skies to spoil the mood. But you have a couple of things going for you. Spending time with Judy and biscuits with fresh molasses. The only thing that could make those two any better would be the sun:-).

    1. You are so right, Jerry! I had all that and, as it turns out, the sun too.

  2. You got to meet Judy Bell! I hope to do so someday.

  3. If you see Judy again, Say Hi for me! Have you finished the book? You know it came from her to start with.

  4. Hi Merikay! I mentioned that you had given me the book. I told her I was almost done with it - the author was about to enter Maine when I started reading last night - Judy mentioned there was a big event to come and now I see what she was referring to. I hope to finish it tonight. Then pass it on to some other deserving soul. It's one of the best AT books I've ever read. Thanks again for getting it to me!

  5. Hi Kim, don't let the gray skies get you down - you are full of sunshine, enough to go around. Love your blog! I did a search but couldn't find the name of the book you and Merikay are talking about - please share. Thanks!

    1. Debra,

      What a nice thing to say! The book is titled "There are Mountains to Climb" by Jean Deeds, published in 1996.

      Here's the amazon link if you are interested.

      It's the most reflective account of the AT that I've ever read. A woman's perspective. I found it completely absorbing.

  6. A change of perspective is required! As an (almost) native of the Pacific NW, we view the rain and cloudy days differently. Armed with a mug of very strong coffee, robed in fleece and goretex, shod in our duck boots, we venture forth in the rainy months because, we . . . are . . . UNSTOPPABLE!!!

    and as the Norwegians say, "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

  7. "I don’t know what that is, but there will be biscuits" HAhaaaa...

    oh, me... Kim... how come you're so slim and I'm so fat and you like to eat as much as I ... well, maybe you just don't eat as much I...

    So glad to read about Judy. I read her blog as well! she is really something! Emma ain't bad either ;)


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