Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2 - Monday November 5 - Manatee Springs State Park, FL

Thank god it only takes me 10 minutes to set up camp!  That’s all the daylight I had left when I arrived here at Manatee Springs State Park. Bummer. 

Now it’s a) too dark and b) I’m too tired to explore.  Here’s the tough part – I know better.   I keep thinking about my dad circa 1965.  We travel go cross-country exceeding the newly inaugurated interstate system speed limit.   We’d pile in the car at 4AM.  Stop for breakfast about 7AM.  And drive till 4PM.  I know he was trying to maximize the time at our final destination but …. I thought this strategy resulted in totally missing the point.  After all, the best part was checking into the hotel and swimming until bedtime!  But if it was up to me, we’d still be at the Holiday Inn in Sioux Falls.

Today’s journey of 195 miles took almost 7 hours.  ?!?!?  My calculations were waaay off.  I take the mileage and divide by 50 (I average about 60 MPH and figure that will accommodate stopping times).  That works out to 4 hours behind the wheel   Wrong.   

A brief stop for coffee and cookies about noon.  Another quick stop for a sandwich at a rest area on US Highway 27.  And the stop at the public library in Perry (45 minutes tops).   Perhaps I need to take my trip estimate and double it?  Or for every 2 days should I factor in 1 more?    

 I thought I was biting off small chunks, thinking 200 miles a day was easily achieved.  I’m rethinking that.  

Admittedly, I get a very slow start – it was 10:15 this AM before I pulled out.  So I’ll work on changing that approach.   But, sorry Dad, I’m not getting on the road at 4 AM !!!!!

Maybe this won’t even be an issue in the future.  Typically I won’t have targeted overnight stops.  But I do on the first leg of this trip because I must be at the Kissimmee rally by tomorrow (Tuesday). 

Deadlines!  Clocks!  Schedules! 

So I’ll try early-ish to bed and early-ish to rise and see what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow night will be my first stay in a private RV park and I can tell you that I’m looking forward to the novelty of having internet access in the GDB.  And cell coverage.  Meriwether Lewis would feel the same way, bless him.

P.S.  If anyone is coming this way, I highly recommend US 27.  It’s the perfect combination of a well-maintained surface + precious little traffic.   

P.P.S.  I am becoming more and more accustomed to the GDB and, as a result, love it all the more.  I drove through the state capital area in Tallahassee today and was changing lanes like I was in a sub-compact!  And, small as it is, it’s the most comfortable home I can imagine for the night.    

 Happy Election Day Tomorrow!


  1. I feel beaten to pulpiness by 200 miles. I imagine Annie could drive all day, but it's me who starts to whine for her to pull off.

  2. I use a modified 4/4/4 rule and changed it to 2/3/4 to: around 200 miles a day or find a place to spend the night by 3 p.m. or a max of 4 hours of driving time - which every one I want to come first or a combination. Course, if I have to be somewhere by XXX time, that rule would need to be adjusted along with, maybe, my departure date. Sometimes it is fun to play with the numbers! And, then other times I say "Oh what the heck."

  3. Today was just as bad. I drove 145 miles in 6 hours and 40 min. This included stops for a snack, internet access, gas, WMT, and lunch. That's averaging 22 miles per hour! Whoa! I look forward to just meandering and seeing when I stop. Emily - I like your 2/3/4 rule.

    Anyone else?

  4. Well it's hard to gauge when you're having to be somewhere... The trick is not having to be anywhere - no plans And stop when you see a place you would like to explore...

    The best part of being a bum, to me, is having no plans... Plans make me dizzy And want sugar...

  5. I'm with Carolyn. People ask me when I'm leaving and I say, "I don't know." They ask me where I'm going and I say, "I don't know." When it feels like time to move on, I will.

    It helps, though, that the hosts of my favorite rally stopped doing them this year.

    And most of my RVing friends don't know where they'll be when, either. Most of us, but not all, will be in Quartzsite sometime this winter. Most of those who go there will be there in January. But some are there now.

    Schedule? What schedule? I'm retired!

    1. I'm with you and Carolyn. I know my first rally will be a fun experience but I'd rather get there when I get there.


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