Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 3 – Tuesday November 6 – Tropical Palms Resort in Kissimmee, FL

Awoke to a light rain this AM.  Got the earlier start I was looking for at 8:15.  It still took me over 6 hours to cover 150 miles!   Not that it’s a big deal – it’s not really – but I’m just fascinated by how much longer it takes than projected.  Of course, I stopped for gas t and filled up the massive tank, aired up the massive tires, and cleaned the massive windshield. 

It was another lovely day to be on the road.  Mid-70’s and bright blue skies filled with those wild cloud formations you get near the Gulf.  I went through a beautiful stretch of horse farms around Ocala.  A gentleman I met while pumping gas told me that thousands of local people are employed in the horse trade.   He asked me if I wanted to trade my rig for a horse.  I laughed but he was serious, says he does it all the time.   

You could certainly tell it was Election Day.  Even a stranger to town like me would know where the precincts were.  The intersections were full of smiling campaign workers waving hands and signs.   I smiled and waved back, it was nice to see such friendly faces scattered along my route. 

This is my first time at a private campground.  Parking on concrete isn’t as weird as I thought it would be.  Cable and internet – what luxury!  Good timing so I can keep up with the election news. 

Dinner was pot luck after which a duo entertained with guitar and mandolin.  This couple travels full-time in their Roadtrek performing music whenever and wherever the mood hits.   

Apologies for the poor cell phone picture quality

There are about 35 Roadtreks here.  I’m sure to learn a lot over the next several days. 

I’m especially eager to talk with the technician who will be here Thursday.  Maybe he can tell me what’s up with my coach batteries.  They just aren’t holding a charge in spite of the fact they checked out OK at the dealer a couple of weeks ago.  Gotta get this fixed. 




  1. I'm sure the tech people will be able to tell you what's up with the batteries. Sounds like a good idea to hang around a bunch of others in similar rigs to learn as much as you can.

  2. Hi Kim. This is my first time to comment although I have been following you for months.
    So glad that you are getting the opportunity to be around others with similar rigs. It is always such a wonderful learning opportunity.
    Enjoy the FL warmth. It is rainy and cold here in the SE.
    Enjoying your travels!

  3. "They just aren’t holding a charge in spite of the fact they checked out OK at the dealer a couple of weeks ago. Gotta get this fixed. "

    Recently read of an RV'er who inadvertently had the refrigerator plugged into the electrical system somehow, so that when the coach was not plugged into an electrical outlet, the power for the refrigerator was coming out of the battery, and running it down inappropriately. Any chance of this in your case?

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie  <-- Alpine, Arizona


    Today:  Santa Fe Surprise

  4. Bet you'll be a lot smarter when it comes to your Roadtrek when the week is over. Take advantage of any and everything that's available. And most of all; have fun:-)

  5. Occasionally commercial RV parks with concrete pads and all the amenities are a very nice change.

    Sounds like the rally is going to be fun and educational. Hope you find the permanent solution for your battery situation.

  6. Glad to hear your trip is going well. I'm just now catching up on reading blogs from the past couple of weeks. Hope to catch up on mine soon!


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