Friday, November 9, 2012

Days 4 & 5 – Wednesday & Thursday November 7&8 – Tropical Palms Resort in Kissimmee, FL



Fun day.
The temps felt a bit cool with the stiff wind but the skies have that lovely fall clarity.  The kind of day where you wear shorts but have a jacket on.  It’s very comfy here and the park is more manicured than I am accustomed to and quite attractive with  large deciduous trees, palms, and lots of Spanish moss.
I attended the first technology session then took a walk, did the xword, and went to lunch.  I was invited to come along with another attendee and her very nice local friend who picked us up in her car.  The three of us were joined by another person from the rally.  I had a yummy chicken-bacon quesedilla lunch at Chili’s and, as we were settling the bill, our very agreeable chauffer asked innocently “do you want to go to Camping World?”  Do we?  Oh yeah……  See, around here they take CW for granted but, for me, it's well .... better than Disneyworld (which is right up the road of course). 
Strolling around the rally and studying other Roadtreks, I’d already garnered some ideas for ways to make life on the road easier.  And, of course, Camping World had everything I wanted.  Bonus: I had 3 other experienced travelers who not only made suggestions but were as excited as I was about checking out the sewer hoses! 
My biggest find was this water hose.  Several of the Roadtrekkers had them and it was love at first site. 
No more looping the stubborn white one covered with mud and trying to stuff it into a reluctant plastic garbage bag by myself (a task that requires a minimum of 3 hands).  Who knew such a thing existed?  So, as I’d hoped, I’m learning a great deal. 
I also bought a new anode as I’m quite sure the previous owners never changed out the original one as recommended .  I’m told that Rob, the technician, can switch it out tomorrow.  Yay – one less item on my to-do list.
And, for the first time, I set up my outdoor living space complete with the table I also purchased today.


Productive day. 
I made some progress in my quest for a battery diagnosis and treatment plan.  The technician confirmed that both batteries are beyond help.  I want to replace them with the AGM no-maintenance ones.  The battery tray is designed so that it is both difficult and dangerous to open and close.  It’s a rotten design so it’s just best if I don’t have to access them at all. 
I called around and Leisure Time RV in Winter Garden has the batteries in stock and can work me in at 9:30 in the morning.  This dealership is about 45 minutes away and has a reputation for treating Roadtrekkers very well.  In fact, they spent the day here showcasing their new models and loaning us Rob.  I met the general manager so I’m sure they will treat me well. if I invoke his name. 
Once again, the weather was gorgeous – an early wind died away in the late morning and we’ve had “abundant sunshine” since.  I didn’t go to any technology sessions this AM but rather was content to follow Rob around to the different rigs and talk to the owners even getting to tour a few.  I learned a lot.    
It’s been fun but I’m ready to move on and see what tomorrow brings! 
I apologize for the lack of photos.  I'll try to do better in the future. 


  1. No photos necessary! It's good to know that these things actually are productive! Sounds like you learned a lot AND had fun.

  2. No photos necessary! It's good to know that these things actually are productive! Sounds like you learned a lot AND had fun.

  3. I am so envious of your water hose! That's way up on my list after seeing yours!

    So glad the battery problems are almost over with. AGMs are fantastic.

    And I love the little defined personal space area with your rug, table and chair. Looks like home! :)

  4. It's been my experience that the learning curve never ends. :) Glad you are enjoying your experience.

  5. I thought I had already warned you about those Camping World visits.:-) You're gonna love that hose, as well as those new batteries.

  6. We have the same hose; two of them, in fact! Love them. I connect the ends together to keep dirt out when they're stowed.

  7. I love the rallies that let your learn better ways of doing things you maybe didn't even know you needed to do. Looks like you found a good one.

    I don't know whether to be happy or sad to learn about that self coiling hose since I just bought new hoses. :)


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