Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 8 – Sunday November 11th – Canaveral National Seashore

I decided to stay put here in New Smyrna.  It’s a nice little park, very quiet, and has great wi-fi.  That decision made life very simple today.  One of my favorite days I’ve had so far.

The ideal weather continues to hold.  It was 75 and sunny.  Just perfect.   

I spent most of the day doing this


We’ll get back to that in a second.   First, I want to show off my 2 latest additions that make the GDB an even more comfortable home. 

A much-needed step at the entrance.  Especially in this sandy soil.

Why doesn't everyone have these coiled water hoses? 

OK, back to

Canaveral National Seashore is composed of 24 miles of unbroken pristine.  No sign of development

Not to the right

Or to the left

Or straight ahead
I sat for several hours and watched the waves and the shorebirds. 
Snowy Egret
Vulture Number 17
Sir Yes Sir!
It's unsettling when the vultures look right at you
There were very few people here even though the weather was perfect and it's a holiday weekend.  I'm told it is rarely crowded at CNS unlike some other beaches. 

What a satisfying day!  I ran some errands and still got back to camp early enough to get a long hot shower, sweep out the GDB, and eat 3 bowls of lobster bisque. 

Tomorrow I’ll head up the coast toward St. Augustine. 

A word of thanks to all our veterans who make it possible for us travelers to do what we do – explore this great land in freedom.   

Goodnight from Site #21. 


  1. Not evry hose should be used for you fresh water. Some garden type have toxins, that cannot be filtered out, in the material they are made from. While drinking from the garden hose as a kid probably did not hurt you, using the wrong type long term might.

    Craig says they do make currly hoses for potable water delivery. You might want to do a little research on it. Let us know what you learn.

    1. It's designed for potable water. In any event, I don't use campground water for drinking.

  2. Looks like heaven, Kim. I'm so happy for you!

    Many years ago I went by myself to New Smyrna Beach. I had no idea I was wandering into a clothes-optional area. Got a shock when a naked guy started chasing me! Back then I could run faster than he could!

    Glad your visit there was more peaceful. :)

    1. I'm happy to report I saw no nudity.

  3. Looks to me that you're having too much fun. Love the undeveloped beach. Those are getting very hard to find. Safe travels, tomorrow...jc

  4. New Smyrna beach was always my parents Wednesday beach date location in the 1980's. The undeveloped beach reminded them of the late 1930's when they first went to the beach. Good to know some places haven't changed. There is no companion as compassionate as solitude. Thoreau

    1. So true, Bill. This is one beach I would return to again and again.

  5. Anastasia State Park,a lovely place, maybe on your route to St Augustine.

    The beach was pristine and isolated during our visit.
    Enjoyed your beach pictures.

    1. Thanks Lynne. Funny you should mention it - I'm staying at Anastasia for 2 nights! I'm right outside the camp store catching up on email etc....

  6. The park does get busy at other times of the year. I am glad to hear you are having a wonderfully enjoyable time in Florida.

  7. Hi

    We spent about 4 hours on that beach Sunday. We were at # 4 which is my favorite spot. The tide was in so Kathy was not able to find the path to walk out into the ocean. This site has a sand bar that goes way out for you to walk on when the tide is out. I was on crutches so I stayed on the bench on the boardwalk. We went back again on Monday and parked at # 12. Kathy took a long walk on the beach and I read a book. Happy you made it down to the island we live on, too bad I was not checking on your travels and have met you.


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