Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gautier, MS

Day One is almost over and I’m tucked in here at Shepard State Park on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. 

Almost 5 hours of interstate driving.  D-U-L-L.  I’m not complaining!  If the interstate doesn’t provide a near-comatose experience, well, something must have gone terribly wrong.  And it got me where I needed to be to escape any overnight sub-freezing temps.  The low here will be about 35.  Good enough.

Left my overcast drizzly cold home town at 10 AM.  When I got to Mobile, the temperature jumped about 5 degrees and the sun came out.  Stopped to grab one of my favorite roadtrip foods – a roast turkey sandwich from Bates House of Turkey in Greenville, AL.  Should you find yourself on I-65 between Mobile and Montgomery, stop and order this sandwich that always makes the “best dishes in Alabama” list. 
gobbled it up.  Get it? 
I’m loving my Wi-Fi via Millenicom!  Getting 5 bars out here on the bayou.  I feel equal affection for my new laptop as well.   

The Happy Couple

All van systems are in good working order including the propane furnace which I’ve never even tested before.  It purrs like a happy kitten!  And puts out almost as much heat.  I hope to use the heat pump tonight in order to conserve propane, but the consensus is that it’s not very efficient below 40 degrees.  I’ll let you know.

It was great being able to Skype with John after I got settled into my campsite.  We had our usual cocktail time, just like home.  He could see the trees outside my window.  How lovely to see both John and Doris’ adorable faces!
I listened to an audiobook over most of the miles. 


Bryson reads his own work, recalling his childhood world of the 1950s that anyone over, say, 50 will recognize.  And, of course, he provides plenty of sly humor. 

Just finished some wonderful leftovers from my Bon Voyage dinner John made last night.  Steak Dian with scalloped potatoes.  John got a mandoline from Amazon the other day so the potatoes were paper-thin perfection. 
I’ll take my time getting out of here tomorrow.  I’d like to stop at the Blowfly Inn in Gulfport, MS for an early lunch. 

Then on to Baton Rouge for a late lunch. 



  1. Sounds wonderful! Everything seems to be going according to plan. Those furnaces do keep things plenty warm -- I usually set the temp down a bit so as not to blast myself out! Do you have one or two propane tanks? It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts. Does your fridge run off propane while you're traveling? Is the generator propane?

    Safe travels today - stay warm!

    1. Forgot to ask about your millenicom. Do you also have cell phone service? Does the internet pick up just where the cell service is good? I've been using the verizon mifi -- just turn it on and the laptop connects automatically. I'm limited to 5G of data per month. The once or twice I've worked steadily through the mifi for a week or more, it didn't make a dent in that 5G. But I would be interested in a more economical and less restrictive internet connection.

    2. Hi Leslie,

      One propane tank. I'll be curious to find out how long it lasts as well. I run the fridge on DC when driving. The generator is gas.

      I use a pre-paid TracFone. I love it because it's cheap! And it gets great coverage. Probably cost me $100/yr.

      My Millenicom plan is 20GB. It's $70/month but .... there is no contract so when I'm not traveling, I can cancel. My Wi-Fi device is Verizon so, yeah, it uses the closest tower. Millenicom isn't allowed to disclose the service providers because they are re-selling the service but the 20GB/4G is Verizon.

  2. What? You didn't go to the 'Shed' for dinner? :)

  3. oh.... man oh man... right there with ya... what fun. ;) and sigh

  4. I am SOOOO glad you're on the road...that looks like a wonderful spot too...almost worth sticking around there to explore some if it weren't so cold. I see it's 28 degrees in Dadevill AL where we have a house...and it was 29 here in Michigan this morning. Only difference is we have snow on the ground. Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. YAY! Kim's on the road again!!!

    I've been thinking about switching to Millenicom. I have the old Verizon unlimited contract for $59 a month, but it is only 3G. When I upgrade, I'll probably drop Verizon.

    When you said mandoline, at first I read it as mandolin and wondered how John could prepare food with his new musical instrument! :D

  6. Kimmer is on 'da road !! Yaaa Hooo ! Must feel fantastic huh !

  7. Safe travels! I have a problem with state parks. I want to become a homing pidgeon & just stay there!

  8. We have a small electric heater that nicely supplements the heat pump; helps conserve propane for those times we might not have electric hook-ups.


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