Tuesday, December 4, 2012

GDB Maintenance and Apps

26 days until my next road trip!  Can you tell I’m excited? 


Road Readier

The GDB got an oil change today.  I like to visit Express Oil Change on Tuesdays - Ladies’ Day.  Women get patronized for $5 off! 

Just kidding!  The crew was very nice today, even when I asked pesky questions.    

The GDB got new wiper blades too.  Fluids topped off, tires aired up too.  I took a photo which should go here.  But I lost it in Picasa.  I'm having trouble mastering the new photo editing on Windows 8. 

Free Apps

I promised to share some free apps (I'm generous that way).  Click on the photos for the amazon link if you want more info.  Whether they will be helpful on the road remains to be seen.  I’ll update after I’ve had a chance to really road-test them.

XClinometer.  This will serve as a level.  The reviews state the tool is extremely accurate. 

Scanner Radio.  Listen in on police, ems, fire, amateur radio, and several other types of broadcasts.  You can find the busiest stations out of the hundreds available.  Hear what the criminals are up to in Chicago! 

The most helpful travel feature is the weather station.  This would be invaluable if you're tracking bad weather but don’t know where you are.  The app picks up your location, assuming, of course, you have to have a wi-fi connection.   I was able to unpack the weather radio from the GDB and free up a bit more space in the rolling library.  (My sister-in-law calls the GDB the Bookmobile).     

Future Apps (Not free)
Audubon Birds: A North American Birding Guide.  Then I could jettison my bulky birding book from the GDB.  Reviewers like it because of the searchable database, the photos (versus artists’ renderings), and the bird calls.    

Camp Finder.  I visit their website occasionally.  I’m not sure if the app is comprehensive enough to replace the thick Trailer Life Directory.  And, again, you would have to have a wi-fi signal. 

Free e-books

The only problem with my Kindle Fire is that now, when I get in settled in to read, I end up browsing the web instead.  Because I can!  That ability is wreaking havoc both on my battery life and my literary life.  Anyway, there are some helpful free e-book websites out there but I find it’s easiest to just go to Amazon and search, for example: free kindle cookbooks. 

Got any favorite apps to share?



  1. Cool about the Scanner Radio App; I've been putting off buying a weather radio. Favorite wx app: Weather Bug. Really good alerts and radar maps.

  2. Never thought of Kindle cookbooks. I use the web all of the time for recipes.

  3. WOW on the scanner. Gonna get that one NOW! That kindle is something else isn't it? I haven't held a real book in my hands since I got my kindle two years ago. It's SO much easier on my hands (I've had surgery on both hands so holding paperbacks is awkward and hardbacks is impossible). I do find it faster to browse books on the laptop and then purchase there. The next time the kindle is on, the new books are automatically downloaded from the site, even if it's days later (but who waits days to read their kindle!).

  4. Can't remember if you have a smart phone... also can't remember what restaurant you said I needed to go to in Baton Rouge.... I've looked for the email or was it here or on my blog.... I tell ya... can't remember squat.

    anyhow1 I don't know what I'd do without AllStays App... I have a bunch of Apps I use daily ... be glad to share if and when I find out or remember what you have... Hahaaa... guess I could go back and read ... too lazy ... I know you got a lot of gadgets f'sure.

    With my iPhone ... I don't need wifi to do any of my stuff... just regular cell service.

    I'm sitting here in the rain using my bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone - no wifi - just posted a blog post using the Blogger App... the only rascal thing about that is ... I don't have control over where the pictures will post... always something.

    26 days! yay

    1. Hi Carolyn

      Frank's on Airline Highway. Excellent breakfast food, yummy homemade biscuits.

  5. My favorite apps are: pandora, kindle, Feedler and goodreads.

    1. Goodreads looks like a treasure. It's similar to a magazine I subscribe to - Bookmarks:


  6. Kim,
    You might already know this, but just in case you don't ...
    You mentioned that the people at Express Oil Change aired up your tires. Adjusting the air pressure in tires that you've driven more than a mile or two with isn't recommended. The pressure rises quite a bit as you drive. You should really check them before leaving in the morning.
    If you drove quite a ways to the oil change shop, and they adjusted your rear tires to 80 lbs (for example), check them tomorrow. You'll probably see that they're quite a bit lower than that.


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