Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting There

Here are my metaphorical irons in the proverbial fire.


I’m still awash in the technology upgrade that I blogged about in my last post.  I’ll be reaching the end of these tasks soon.  All that is left now is to test drive out the Millenicom Mi-Fi device that arrived in yesterday’s mail.  I’ll try to do that today.
As for the new HP laptop, I'm still trying to figure out stuff like the intricacies of Windows 8.  And how to edit photos. 

But I’ve transferred files, photos, and software I’ll need for the road.  My dream of having a mobile office gets closer to reality every day.  Fingers crossed it all works out.

Upload.  Download
Carb Load

I’m enjoying the Kindle Fire and have found some free apps that should be useful on the road.  I’ll share these in a later post.


With the exception of teaching my last class this past summer, I haven’t worked for 12 months.  The time has zipped along at a rather scary pace! 
Note: For those of you who have joined me recently, my career plans changed suddenly, irrevocably, and without warning when I lost my job teaching nursing.  Faced with this new set of circumstances, rather than taking a traditional academic role, I decided to get that RV I'd been saving for and launch an online teaching career.  My reasoning is that this would combine two favorite activities: teaching  and traveling.  It looks good on paper! 

Surprisingly, snagging an online position has been more difficult and time-consuming than I imagined.  Since May, I’ve applied to 14 different graduate and undergraduate programs resulting in only 1 interview. 

Things are looking up though.  I don’t want to jinx it but I’m hoping to have good news in the next several weeks.  Stay tuned.

The Future

Best fortune cookie prognostication ever!









  1. I love reading about your mods, upgrades, gadgets and techie stuff! Looking forward to seeing which apps you got. :)

  2. Good luck on the job. You're correct on the fortune cookie. That's about the most honest one I've ever seen:-)

  3. May this one fortune cookie be so true.

  4. The donut picture looks so good it distracted me from all the technical info!

    I am really hoping that this job proves to be The One for you, Kim. I was shocked to read it had been a year since you lost your teaching position.

    But in following your bus mods and your travels, it sure looks to me that the road is where you belong -- at this point in time, anyway.

    Crossing my fingers for you! :)

  5. I need one of those fortune cookies! But then, I've had so much to be thankful for this year I should, and am grateful.

  6. I have a fortune cookie thing taped on my bathroom mirror in the RV. I will live up to it someday! Good luck with the online job search & have fun with the new toys :-)

  7. Oh I also meant to say go to & look for free photo editing programs to download into the computer. I use an old adobe program, but when it decides not to work, then I rely on PhotoScape that I downloaded from CNet. it's a really cool program!

  8. Up, down, carb-load... now THAT'S funny! ROFLOL! I know this past year of limbo hasn't been easy. I'm proud of you! What an inspiration you are. Fingers crossed for the upcoming announcement! xxo

    PS. I have not had the time or money to master PhotoShop (one of my metaphorical irons in the proverbial fire, ha!), so I use ACDSee Photo Editor (and Manager) to edit photos. It is so easy and user friendly. I love it! And thought I would pass it on in case you finish your tech projects and go thru withdrawal for some more. ;)

  9. Kim, seriously the doughnut? what fun you're having with the gadgets ... love your attitude about everything but posting the doughnut picture ... That indicates a sadistic side ... Need to work on that

  10. Hang in there. For some reason it just takes a while to get that first online teaching job. Then others seem to fall in your lap. I'm losing one of my schools and have been sending applications like crazy for the past couple of weeks. Nothing so far. At this rate, so near the holidays, it'll probably be January when things really start hopping at all these schools.

    I'm with you on Windows 8 -- not sure I like it much.

  11. I hope the teaching job works out!!!


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