Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lost-And-Found Friend

On my way out west, I’ll be stopping in Austin for several days to visit my old pal, Sharon.  No, she’s not old but our relationship is.  Friends across time and space, we call ourselves. 
Sharon and I think we first met in 1st or 2nd grade at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota circa 1964. 

Our classroom seating was probably alphabetized which would have put our desks right next to each other.  Not only were we classmates, we were neighbors.  Our families lived on the same street.  Both our dads were officers – hers a fighter pilot, mine a missile- man. 

Sharon was that friend who made you laugh so hard your abdominal muscles were sore the next day.  I’m happy to report …. she still makes milk come outta my nose!

We lost touch in about 6th grade when my Dad retired from the Air Force and we moved to Alabama in 1969.  Her family later moved to California then Texas.   

Fast-forward 32 years to 2001 and the age of the internet.  I had just discovered and began entering the names of all my little military pals to see if there was a match.  There was Mary Lundy, Karen Cussenberry, Nancy Wells and, of course, Sharon.  A match!  I emailed her right away.  She remembered me as well as I remembered her.  In her first response to my email she said, “I seem to recall some recurring mischief with an Easy-Bake Oven”.    
So began a correspondence that continues to be one of the highlights of my life. 
After reconnecting, we made plans to meet in 2 months in Minot.  We wanted to get reacquainted (we had a lot to catch-up on) and also to visit the base, our former homes and school. 

It would require another post to describe what a wonderful trip it was.  The nice people now living in our houses allowed us to tour both homes.  What a thrill!  The colonel who lives in my former home took our photo in an attempt to replicate the only one I had of Sharon and me from our childhood. 

My dad took this photo in the summer of 1969 at our comic-book stand in front of my house.  That’s Sharon’s little brother Jeff, probably our only customer, giving me his milk money.  

July 1969
July 2001

Since our reunion trip, we have visited each other’s homes.  And now I get to see her again in a few weeks!  I just gotta remember not to drink any milk. 


  1. Your trip is going to be WONDERFUL! Have fun visiting your friend and exploring out west!!

  2. How cool is that. What a story.

  3. What a great story. Looking forward to hearing about the next reunion.

  4. Having a friend who can still make milk come out of your nose is a treat to savor. Glad you get to have that.

  5. That's so cool! Those kids are the only ones who share the "growing up" memories no one else can understand. I have one friend like that, we were friends from grammar school through our first divorces and beyond. Now I've lost her, and no searches have worked. Maybe someday we'll re-connect.

    It will be so fun to have a couple of days together. :)

    1. Not Facebook, either? Facebook results won't show on a Google search (feuding between the giants), and Facebook is helpful because people tend to be searchable by "maiden" names.

  6. Love this ... how lucky you are to have found your pal reconnect and still laugh together ... a Roadtrek Sharon and last but not least John ...

    I need karma fixing ... remedial karma 101

  7. Why not Minot? Freezing is the reason!
    Really neat you found an old elementary school friend and share life stories. It was fun at that age to wonder about the future.
    That is a happy story.

  8. Kim, what fun to have a photo taken that replicated the one of you as kids. And what a great destination for your next trip!

    (And I'd love to hear the story of the Easy-Bake Oven caper.) :D

  9. How lucky that this has worked out this way! What a great reunion! It's so much fun to get together with friends from way back!

  10. I hope you're having fun with your visit by now. I've missed staying in touch with your travels! Merry Christmas time and Happy New Year!


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