Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alamogordo, NM

Here for the night at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park about 12 miles outside Alamogordo.  Check out the scenery!

That is Rattlesnake Cliffs behind the GDB.  Actually, that’s not the name but, after that rattler demo in Tucson, I call all cliffs Rattlesnake Cliffs.  This is a small but comely campground – my first NM State Park stay.  $14 for a site with water and electric.  The dump station is not operable at the moment – bummer.  But the Park Ranger tells me the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce offers one. 
View from my left windows.

The cliffs seem to go on forever.

Had a nice slow morning after my Wal-Mart overnighter and a likewise leisurely drive here.  Weather sunny with a high of 51.  There was some wind all day but now it’s really kicked up.  So much so, I don’t think I’ll raise the antenna. 

Outside of town, I stopped at White Sands National Monument just to make some lunch and peak at the dunes.  I’ll return tomorrow for a full day of exploring. 
I also spent some time enroute in Las Cruces.  Parking one street over from Main, I strolled around the very walk-able and drive-able central downtown area. 

Downtown movie houses are alive and well here in Las Cruces. 

The one below had a charming window display of Agatha Christie-ana, promoting the community production of The Mousetrap.  (I saw the original stage play in London about 20 years ago, a real thrill).  Not sure if you can make out the books, typewriter, and tea set. 

Then I found this wonderful and very large independent book shop, Coas Books. 

I was amazed by the inventory of mostly used books.  Room after room filled with books of good quality and good prices.  I wonder if this was the former site of the town's library? 

I finally found a copy of Lonesome Dove I’ve been looking for.  I'm too cheap to pay for the $8 Kindle version but this paperback was a bargain at $2.50.  I’m a fan of Larry McMurtry’s writing, but have never committed to reading his beloved western saga. 

That's it for today - yet another satisfying day on the road!

My right-side windows face west looking out over the valley so I hope to see a nice sunset.  And surely tonight, waaaay out here in the Chihuanhuan Desert, I’ll hear some coyotes?


  1. We have always loved to hear the coyotes sing. We have a series of fun childrens (wink wink) audio books called Hank the Cowdog. Coyotes play a major roll. They get drunk and party at night!

  2. You are in one of my favorite states and area. The southern half has its own beauty and the northern half has its own beauty too. It IS a Land of Enchantment.

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  4. Love your picture of the cinema front. The violins are a classy touch! New Mexico has so much to photograph. I am always just blown away that there is an opportunity in just about any direction you look, anywhere you are.

  5. Great traveling and pictures. NM is one of the places on the top of my list when I find the van of my dreams.

    1. Many of the New Mexico State Parks have little covered areas at the campsites called ramadas. I've seen more than one camper using these facilities from vehicles other than regulation RV's. When the weather is amenable, it is easy to spend the day outside of the vehicle, sleeping inside, if desired. My husband has been known to take his recliner outside to sleep all night, even when it is fairly cold. He just bundles up in his sleeping bag, and wears his down vest and watch cap.

    2. I see that you are working you way back to Alabama. I don't know if you care about WWII history but I have read the WWII museum in New Orleans has some great new exhibits that make the stop worthwhile. I have no idea if they permit overnight parking in their parking lot. Maybe you could ask the Roadtrek group for recommendations for campgrounds in the area. All the crowds from the Superbowl should be gone by the time you make it that far East.

      As many have said, we have enjoyed your posts, it feels like we are on your adventure with you.

      Safe travels,

      Fred & Ann Orlando, Fl

  6. Yup, Another great day for you. How on earth are you going to settle down when you do finally get home !!


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