Friday, January 4, 2013

Austin, TX

Thursday January 3, 2012

Left Pedernales State Park this AM.  I took my time and did some house cleaning.  Sweeping, wiping down surfaces, reorganizing the pantry, dumping the tanks. 
Love my level app!
Front to Back

Side to Side
Hiked down to Pedernales Falls as the sun made a 20-minute appearance.  The river and falls are low due to the long-term drought here in TX.  It was beautiful all the same. 

My propane tank has been working away during these chilly days and nights and is almost empty.  I feel I’ve reached a milestone. 
I stopped at a tractor supply store in the unlikely-named Dripping Springs for a propane fill-up.   That was easy!  At $2.69/gallon, the total cost was about $15.  And, because it was a milestone, I snapped a photo. 

By then it was lunchtime.  I spotted a busy café – Hill Country Ranch Pizzeria – with a swift local trade.  I intended to order the lasagna lunch special but then I saw the charbroiled burgers.  They looked delish and I couldn’t resist the Swiss-Avocado burger. 


Arrived at Sharon’s house and parked snugly in her driveway.  So good to see my old friend!  She looks so beautiful.  I still think everything she says is funny. 
All we have planned, other than talking our heads off, is going out for migas tomorrow and attending her long-standing Friday happy hour group.   


  1. aw... great stuff... lots of laughing and good times. ;)

    great burger

  2. There's nothing like good times with an old friend. :)

  3. That leveling app looks great - I use one, too.

    Have a wonderful time with Sharon - I'll bet we'll hear the giggles all the way to California! :)

  4. I'm glad you made time to see the falls, even if the water is low. The rocks are dramatic. When we were there we saw a sandhill crane fishing in the falls.

    Have a blast with your friend.

  5. Another good and successful day. You are collecting a bunch of them. I'm sure all of them with Sharon will be that way.

  6. Loved your photos of Pedernales State Park. It IS beautiful!

    The level app is cool!

    Hope you have a wonderful visit with Sharon.

  7. The photos are great. Makes me miss TX! I'll be there later in the year. Enjoy your time with Sharon. I know you'll both have a great time!!

  8. Enjoy your visit...nothing quite compares to old friends and how easy it is with them to take up where you left off. Have fun!

  9. Austin is a fun city and being with an old friend should be a blast. Have Fun!

  10. Tell us more about the level app. How do you use it at a campsite?


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