Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bisbee, AZ

Brrrrr from Bisbee!  34 degrees with 26 MPH winds, gusting something fierce when I arrived.  At least it was sunny!

This was a surprising sight this AM just south of Tucson.  Snow in southern Arizona!?!?

Supposed to dip below freezing tonight but back up in the 50s tomorrow.   Back to the 70s by Wednesday!
I’m in the funky town of Bisbee staying in the funky Queen’s Mine RV Park. 

Overlooks the old mine and the town. 
View out  my side window.  You can see where the mine was cut.

One camper here said they got several inches of snow last night. 
Hook-ups seemed in order for what I hope is the last cold night of this trip.  $30 gets you electric, water, sewer, and cable.  The good news: 85 channels.  The bad news: there is nothing I want to see.  But I took a loooong hot shower in a nice big bathroom with, for once, plenty of hooks and shelves to put your stuff on.

Spent some time in Tombstone this AM after leaving Tucson.  It was filled with not much beyond the usual tourist traps.   
The background looks like a movie backdrop.

The drive down US 80 between Tombstone and Bisbee was scenic indeed, just as the dotted route in my atlas promised.  Sorry no photos, there was no good place to pull over. 

Bisbee reminds me so much of Salida, Colorado.   Salida is located deep in the heart of the Rockies, where I spent one winter as a travel nurse.  Salida is every bit as offbeat and quirky but doesn’t make a big deal out of it. 

I gotta tell you, I got so angry a little while ago I almost skipped my post tonight.

This sweet old dog, Miller, greeted me when I arrived today. 

He is on rather a short leash, the owners are nowhere around, and the wind chill is, by now, in the 20s.  I checked on him frequently and he seemed OK.  But once the sun started to set, he began to shiver with no shelter at all from the fierce wind. 
So I knocked on a few doors and found a nice neighbor, Raul, who is camping in an Airstream.  He knows Miller’s owner, says he always leaves him out, and he offered to call the guy to find out when he expected to return.   In about an hour was the answer. 

So I asked Raul if he thought the owner would mind if I took Miller in out of the wind and cold.  He said he would be OK with that and he helped me get the poor old dog inside.  About ½ hour later the owner came driving up.  I was pretty furious but held my tongue.  He took Miller in and called out thank you over his shoulder. 

Moron.  He’s probably one of those jerks that says, “dogs have a coat, they don’t get cold outside”.  Well, I have a coat too but that doesn’t mean that I want to be outside in it. 
Some people don’t deserve to be pet owners!!!!


  1. Would he put his old mom outside in her coat?

    That's a good way to describe Bisbee, that it doesn't make a big deal. That's how it's different from Jerome, although I couldn't put it in words.

  2. Can you spell Jerk? I think people should be required to take an animal owners class prior to getting a pet. I sooo want to visit Bisbee. Author J.A. Jance is from Bisby and writes mysteries about the area.

  3. ah Jerome... that was a nifty town... horrible dog owners...

    sure like your pictures, Kim love the backdrop one

  4. I so agree with you about that poor dog. At least he had a bed to lay on, some have to sit or stand on the cold ground. You made his life better, even if it was only for a half hour or so. Good for you.

  5. Thanks for taking that poor old dog in out of the cold. Grrrrrr! some people piss me right off! Thank DAWG for people like you!

  6. I spent several weeks at that Park in Bisbee my first year on the road. Too bad it's so cold there. Also visited Tombstone - thought that was fun also.

    Don't even get me started on animal cruelty !!

  7. I hate people like that - the poor old dog. Thank you for taking him inside where it was warm. His owner doesn't deserve a dog, I wish someone would just take him and drive away and give him a good home. :(

  8. Glad you made it to Bisbee (although the elevation sure makes it colder!). If you like sandhill cranes, take a drive over to McNeal (about 15 miles NE of Bisbee) to Whitewater Draw Conservation Area. You can even boondock there for free overnight if you wish. There are thousands of cranes that fly in towards sunset, and then fly out around sunrise. Amazing sight....and free!

    p.s. so nice of you to give Miller a nice place to warm up for a while. Yes, people like that should not be pet owners.

  9. Love Bisbee and Salida! Two of my favorite small towns. In Bisbee it looks like you stayed in that little park overlooking the mine, is that right? I'm embarrassed to say I didn't because I wasn't sure I could back Sadie, my Scamp, into a space. Ridiculous.

    Your dog story made me sad, but good for you for taking the poor guy in for a bit. Sometimes I hate people.

  10. I agree with you and everyone else. Some people should be treated the same way they treat their animals.

  11. You're a doggy hero! Thanks for being there for him.

  12. Some people need to smacked in the head! Good for you taking the old pooch in.

  13. One of the many things I love about living in Massachusetts is we will and do not deal with animal abuse on any level and will make sure that the owner is punished to fullest. I would have called the cops right away. It's amazing the ignorance in other states around their so called pets. Don't spay/neuter them, let them run wild, leave them out in the cold, etc. Shameful.

  14. Loved your, "I have a coat," comment. Wonder what the owner would say if you asked him to sit outside for an hour?

  15. THANK YOU for helping an animal in need we need more people who WILL and DO make a difference!

  16. Poor pup. I bet he'd rather live with you!

  17. Awe, you did good for Miller. I don't know why some people have pets :-(


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