Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Deming, NM

Parked at Camp Wal-Mart for the night.  The very nice manager gave me permission, said “it would be our pleasure”!  It’s been rather a charmed day.

I moved from this spot later.  Parked next to a nice couple in their 40-foot motorhome on the way to Yuma.   He says the security guard is a real sweetheart. 

Got on the road late – 10:30 – but even that worked out as I gained an hour back after entering Mountain Time.  I woke up earlier but just couldn’t get out from under my Sherpa blanket.  It was 35 and foggy but the GDB was nice and toasty. 

Spent the first 15 miles on this Farm Market road out of the state park.  I didn’t see a single other car.  I texted John that the area reminds me of the Scottish Highlands.  Only with mesquite.  The fog enhanced the illusion. 

 Then it was back to work on lonely I-10. 

The traffic remained relatively light even after I-10 and I-20 merged. 

My plan was to make El Paso or perhaps Las Cruces but I drove on another hour or so because the weather was nice (60 and sunny), I was well-rested, and it was 2:30 when I got to Las Cruces, too early to stop.

I stopped frequently to snack, stretch, and once to shop.  I’m a sucker for these kinds of places.  If the sign says Navaho blankets, moccasins, and turquoise, I’m going in. 

Can you believe I left without buying anything?  I kept thinking about all the vendors in Quartzsite.
The real excitement occurred when the GDB got weighed for the first time. 
Front Axel = 3860, Rear Axel = 4320, Gross Wt = 8180. 
This was with me on the scale, 1/2 tank gas, and no onboard water.
Exit 2 proved bountiful as I obtained the weight, aired up the tires, and filled up for under $3/gal. But only just ......

It hardly bothered me at all when, 2 miles down the road, the price was $2.93/gal.
Then another first.  I went through a border patrol station where they asked if I am traveling alone and whether I am a citizen.  Yes to both, and I was on my way again.

Is there such a thing as “trail magic”?  For instance, this afternoon I needed to consult the Atlas, a hazardous task for any solo driver.  At that precise moment, the traffic came to a stop due to road construction.  Perfect timing!  By the time I got my bearings, we were moving again. 

This was my longest mileage day yet at 297 miles. 

The GDB just glided through beautifully! 


  1. ahhhh ... good to see you moving right along... fun innit... ;)

    1. Yes indeed! I love it even more than I thought I would!

  2. Glad everything is going well! I have to look at every gift shop too. Never buy anything. I think of it as a "today" museum. Look and see what junk modern people want. Hope to meet you.

  3. Sounds like a great travel day. Glad the weather's been cooperating!

    1. Thanks Lee. I've been fortunate weather-wise thus far.

  4. Wow Kimmer you are less than 500 Miles from Q. Hope you packed your longjohns 'cause we're in for a real COLD spell this coming week.

    1. I saw that on your blog. Longjohns packed, but I'm not winterized.

  5. Excellent day! You're heading to some of my favorite country! Have fun!!

  6. Loved the reference to trail magic. Isn't it great how things just work out sometimes?

    I'm enjoying your journey. :)

  7. Valero has become my station of choice. They have the ULS diesel I need.

  8. Do you check gasbuddy.com before filling up? It might save you 5-10 cents a gallon. If you need to fill up in Tucson, Arco at 3601 S. Park is at 2.75 now. Not sure if that's cash or credit. Travel safe.

  9. OUR gas just went back up to $3.22 Hope you have found a trend that is moving east!


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