Sunday, January 27, 2013


Had a marvelous time today just taking it easy and visiting the western unit of Saguaro NP.  (See the film at the Visitor Center if you go – I won’t reveal the ending, but it is spectacular).  Hiked a bit on the Hugh Norris Trail.   This is strenuous uphill 5 mile hike via switchbacks, so I just followed it till I’d had enough. 
It was one of those heady nature experiences being nestled inside a dense growth of Saguaro and other desert flora.  What a magnificent landscape! 
The Good Deal Bus traveled several miles down the dirt road to the trailhead with no problem; I was so proud! 

 Sun hitting Tucson Mountain's Peak

Arrived back at my parking spot around sunset.  Here’s a glimpse of the inside of the Casino Del Sol.  I assume photography is prohibited, so here is a web shot. 

You can see the interior is modeled on an Italian palazzo.  The various parts of the casino are located behind those exterior facades.  All of it is capped by a massive dome that is painted to look like perpetual sunset.  It’s a very pleasing design and, except for the cigarette smoke, makes one want to linger. 
In an interesting twist, last night’s Late Late Show was 3:10 To Yuma.  Because it was filmed at Old Tucson Studios and set in Bisbee, AZ (where I will be in a few days), I just had to watch. 

I’m not sure if Van Heflin ever got Glenn Ford on that train.  I fell asleep long before the 3:10 departure.



  1. Good pictures, Kim. It's really interesting to see your experience and take on the places I just kinda flew on by... I let a couple of bad experiences shape this part of my journey.

    Attitude is a giant todo when traveling f'sure. Sorry I missed that casino too.

  2. I love your Saguaro shots! You sure do find some interesting sizes and shapes. :)

  3. Wonderful photos!

    Roadtrek ought to pay you for the one of the GDB in the saguaros with the mountains in the background! WOW!

  4. That casino sure looks impressive.


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