Friday, January 11, 2013

Phoenix, AZ

Here for the night at Gila River Lone Butte Casino just south of Phoenix.

I’m back in the game today after fretting over the water pump malfunction last night.  The local Roadtrek dealer determined this morning that it was ….. pilot error.  Needless to say, I’m not one bit surprised! 
A massive Thank You to Brad and Stephanie at Freedom RV in Tucson! 

Stephanie answered my call this AM and theorized that I might have a leak.  Which made sense.  She also warned me they were extremely busy and, she couldn’t promise anything, but maybe someone could take a quick look.  But service manager Brad diagnosed the problem quickly and proceeded to check the GDB and make sure there are no leaks. 

All that, and they didn’t charge me!  I tried to force some lunch money on Stephanie but she wouldn't hear of it.  What nice folks!  If you get into trouble in Tucson, give them a call. 
Now, in my defense ….. the lever on the city water mechanism looks nothing like the one in the Roadtrek manual.  Not.  Even.  Close.  Robert tried to advise me about this but, trust me, it’s complicated with all those valves and levers. 

Needless to say, I was relieved and shortly set off for Phoenix.  It was too late in the day at that point to make a push for Q-site.  Now tomorrow I’ll have an easy 2-hour drive. 

My only stop after leaving Tucson - a rest stop along I-10. 
I met "Puppy" who wasn't in the mood for any small talk.

I also refilled the winter-mode tank and dumped the other tanks.  The low is expected to be around 28 tonight but I think I’m OK.  I picked up some anti-freeze but am not sure I’ll need it tonight with the furnace running and the cabinet doors open. 

The casino is nice.  I thought I might play Bingo during this evening but the cost is $32 for the “basic package”.  Too rich for my blood.  Also too smoky!  However, I’ll stop in tomorrow AM for the $3.99 breakfast special – eggs, potato, ham, and biscuit.    
I count 9 rigs here in the RV area just an hour before sunset.  It’s quiet and security is patrolling.  I’m looking forward to having running water tonight and curling up with my new faculty handbook!  (The excitement never ends).

Nailed it!

Oh yeah. 


  1. Wonderful! Hope your night is (was) uneventful!

    1. It was another silent night here in a casino parking lot. It's amazing how quiet it is.

  2. Hey I also have the Verizon 4G Jetpack. Got it this year. LOVE it !

    It's 36F here right now and I have that dreaded generator running so I can run my electric heater WITH my wonderful Mr. Heater. It's COLD !

    I also have the generator running because I want my batteries totally charged before I go to bed as I will have the furnace on. The blower in the furnace really takes a lot of juice.

    1. Waaaah! I don't want it to be cold. Even so, I'm happy to be getting there soon. I'm trying to determine now how much juice my furnace blower consumes. I know that setting the thermostat at 60 seems to work. In the AM, the batteries are still showing "good".

    2. Kimmer, Do you have a Generator in your rig ? Also, Any idea yet where you are going to set-up ?

      My furnace blower takes a LOT of battery juice ! See my post of today.

    3. I just read your post. Puts things in perspective.

      Yes, I have a generator.

      I'll be camping (at least for the first week) with the RTR folks here:

  3. What a relief to hear that your water system problems weren't a problem. And so glad you found Brad and Stephanie to look at it.

    Looking forward to hearing how you like Q. :)

  4. Kim is correct - the photo in the manual was taken of an earlier year Roadtrek when the city water valve was large and red - and even in a black and white photo it does not resemble the current valve at all which is a small black handle valve. The water system in a Roadtrek can get very confusing!


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