Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quality Time

Every day I wake up & think how lucky I am.  John always says you make your own luck.  Well, I don’t know exactly how it happened or what force in the universe led me to be here at this time in my life, but I feel lucky.  And oh, so grateful.
Haven't done much the last few days but enjoy the landscape and the folks here at the RTR.  Today saw a return of more typical weather with a high in the mid-50s that felt downright balmy.  Tomorrow promises to be 10 degrees warmer.  And there is lots of glorious sunshine. 

Yesterday I went into town to fill the water tank and lunched at an eatery whose name I’ve already forgotten.  My dad said once that if you are traveling and unsure about the quality of the food, always order the BLT because it’s hard to screw it up.
Today I drove the 35 miles to Parker, AZ.  The scenery was beautiful, the road was good – what more do you need?  While there I bought gas, enough groceries for about 10 days, and went to the post office.  Had lunch here. 

Found via Trip Advisor, a helpful travel app.

Give me a cheeseburger and I’m a happy woman.  This was a good one.  A grilled patty served on a bun worthy of the retro décor – warm and toasted just right - alongside hot crispy fries and a fizzy Coca-Cola.   
The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous continues in full swing.  The Big Tent show starts Saturday so the town is getting congested.  I’m so spoiled with soaking up all this scenic peace and quiet, going into town seems a chore.  However, I do want to check out the big tent on maybe Monday.  Or Tuesday.  Or Wednesday.    

Still getting to know the people here in camp.  I’m enjoying the communal atmosphere and the many enriching conversations.  These range in topic from amperage to water conservation to solar power to the best campsite for witnessing the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.   Nelda, 1/2 of a wonderful couple from Oregon (the other half being Jerry) gave me a "dry run" shower tutorial today in her Roadtrek.  Why didn't I get a photo?  Learned and laughed a lot. 
And I got to tour some rigs I’ve wanted to see.  Here’s a gorgeous, cozy, and completely livable Lazy Days that belongs to full-timer and fellow blogger On the Road with Riley.

And here’s Riley.    

The return to warmer temps made for an ideal sunset walk. 

So long from the desert for now ..............



  1. I agree with "going to town is a chore" - sometimes wish I could get grocery delivery out in the middle of nowhere.

    1. At the Slabs, Schwanz Frozen Food truck delivers every two weeks.

  2. My Dad always used to say "Can't go wrong with a club" - meaning a club sandwich.

    Kimmer, Sooooooo glad you are enjoying your experience here. Ain't it wonderful !!

    Hopefully this cold of mine won't hang on long and we can get together.

  3. Love the cactus saying bye ... Saguaro? well? what fun you're having.

    My rule of thumb has been the same too ... a club sandwich ... it can be screwed up by the bread being soggy but other than that ... pretty unscrewable. or a BLT ... BIG glass of cold milk

    Glad you're liking the desert ...

  4. Hey Kim! Groceries for 10 days? We've always had fifth wheels with full kitchens and fridge, oven, etc. I've never had such a small galley like I have now. I've been wondering if I'd have to go to the grocery every day! lol I figure you and I have about the same amount of galley space. Could you write a post sharing some tips and ideas for 10 days of groceries in this small space. I do have one issue that will make things difficult -- I can't eat sandwiches, pasta, etc. Also do you have any freezer space? I have a very small freezer space -- if I pack cooked food in small baggies and squish out all the air, I could stack up maybe 6-7 bags. The other side would hold two ice trays. When you have a chance :-) I'd love some shopping-on-the-road tips for a very small galley.

  5. It sounds like you are describing a different planet from the one I live in. And I am thoroughly enjoying it. :)

  6. Amazing. Just amazing. And Reily looks like a sheltie! Will definitely go look at their blog!

  7. So refreshing to view your surroundings...dreamy! Burger and fries...and krinkle are my fav! ENJOY the nice sunny warmer temps...


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