Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scenes from Camp

Knowing I'm leaving before too long, I wanted to capture some memories. 
The Tiki Bar is located near the main campfire.  Owner Kurt opens early and closes late.  You should see it at night!
Notice the wind-and-solar-powered combo.
Nelda and Jerry.  Search the world over, you won’t find better people.  They feel like family.
Remember I told you about Cheri’s wire-jewelry class?  Nelda made this piece the very next day!  It’s lovely.
This is Lindsey’s vintage 1982 Ideal II. 
 Love the shabby chic interior. 
Skilled folks pitching in to do some interior renovation to Sarah’s van.  Sarah came all the way from Ontario to be here.  She is downsizing from a large motorhome. 


Construction Zone
Lisa, Sarah, Lindsey, and Me

Bob and Homer's house.  Bob pulls the trailer with a cargo van.  It’s a great combination that offers maximum stealth and storage. 

Cheri giving Steve a new coif on his front porch.

Did you see the moon last night? 

Jupiter and the Moon had a close encounter last night.  Jupiter is the light to the left of the moon.  They appeared about a fingers-width apart.  We had a fabulous view in the desert.  I snapped a pic and enjoyed the spectacle for a while with binoculars.      


  1. Loved the virtual visit to your camp, Kim. Thanks so much for sharing the experience and the people with us!!!

  2. We are heading that direction on Monday. Meeting up with some FGRV folks near Dome Rock the following week. Can't wait to see and experience some of the things you have. Sorry that you won't still be in the area.

  3. I guess I went to a virtual Q this year! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice to meet so many new people, and I love the tours of their rigs. That's always fun! Thanks for all the photos.

    Unfortunately I won't be back in the desert until after the middle of February. Between my son, daughter and annual doctor, dentist and eye doctor appts, I'm AWOL for about 8 weeks. Not my original plan, that's for sure! But at least I'll be free to roam after that.

    I hope we can meet up next year. I'm planning to spend Christmas in the desert and visit kids and doctors all at once in February. I'm sorry we didn't get a change to meet, but I'm sure happy you are having such a good time and are adapting so well to all the new adventures. :)

  5. LOved the tour! I always like to see how others travel ... Love that wire jewelry piece. I would love to learn how to do that. I got the wire and the cabochons with all good intentions to do so.

    Tried on my own... HAHaaa... nope I need classes...

  6. So jealous! Everyone seemed happy content and fun. Looks like a good group of people to share a spot with.

  7. What great fun, friends and photos! Good for you Kim! Loved them all - especially the Vintage and Shabby Chic, and the last one. Remodels, jewelry, haircuts - a very talented, creative group. :)

  8. What great photos and memories :-)

  9. I also love looking at all the different rigs and the creativity that goes into them.

  10. Thanks for today's post! It was fun touring with you. It's giving me the incentive to get back to wire wrapping & making more pieces. Would love some of that turquoise too! I'm glad that you were able to make this trip, the adventure will stay with you for a lifetime :-)


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