Monday, January 7, 2013

Sonora, TX

Sunday January 6th

[Still a day behind due to poor connectivity in this remote area of Texas]

Left Austin around noon today heading west.  Staying the night here at Sonora Caverns RV Park, a working ranch that Sharon found online.  It’s pretty here and remote.  I’m the only camper in the campground.  With these clear skies, there will be an abundance of stars to gaze upon tonight.    

Well, almost the only camper
Some of my route today was through the middle of hill country on US-290, a well-surfaced two- lane road.  Then I drove a series of ranch roads that were also in good condition and made me feel as though I was cutting through someone’s ranch.  Probably was!  Then on to I-10 where I will spend the next few days.  The highway is in great shape, the traffic is surprisingly light, and the scenery is fetching thus far.  The speed limit is 80 though I kept it at 75. 
I’ve never seen so many magnificent oak trees as I have here in central Texas.  And the weather has been beautiful today in the high-50’s and nothing but sunshine.

I had a wonderful couple of days in Austin!   Even the gloomy weather was welcome because it ameliorated our guilt about hanging around Sharon’s comfortable house rather than doing tourist stuff.  Besides, we were very busy laughing, chortling, giggling, and snickering. 

As promised, Sharon introduced me to migas Friday. 

Migas is a traditional Tex-Mex breakfast dish with eggs, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and ranchero sauce.  This web photo is way better than the ones I took.

Notice the fresh flour tortillas.  Is there anything better?

I want a tortilla machine!
The main ingredient, and what make them so special, is the fried corn tortilla strips that are added to provide crunch.  Incredibly tasty.  I cleaned my plate (but I’ll spare you the photographic proof).

Then we did some thrift-store shopping.  Sharon came home with this fabulous chic Sigrid Olsen knee-length, empire-waist jacket.  The pink and gray material is beautiful, though the colors don’t translate in the photo.

Happy Hour was mucho fun with Sharon’s sister, Lisa, and about 5 other pals.  We had margaritas, salsa, and queso.  A nice group of ladies!

Sharon’s sister, brother, and sister-in-law dropped by for a visit on Saturday.  It was great to see them all.  None of them remember me from North Dakota but it was fun reminiscing about being military brats.

What a nice break visiting with Sharon has been!  She took such good care of me and even did my laundry!  It was sad to pull out of her driveway but we hope to meet up again on the return journey. 


  1. What a wonderful visit! Sounds like lots of fun. I'm getting homesick for TX. I can't wait to head south in a couple months. I'm enjoying your adventures!

    1. You'll be here when the weather is better. I can't imagine all these wonderful trees leafed out. I'd like to see that.

  2. I'm glad you had a good time with Sharon - there's nothing like old friends! And that breakfast looks wonderful. :)

  3. Yummy breakfast. I stayed at that RV park last year, walked around to see the Prairie Chickens and other birds.

    1. I enjoyed watching the white-tail deer this morning, going about their business in their own habitat (on the ranch side). They were so unselfconscious, as opposed to the tame campground deer one sees.

  4. Now Sharon has to invite you back in the spring when the bluebonnets in the Hill Country are so beautiful. It's a sight to see just miles and miles of the most beautiful color of blue - LadyBird Johnson's fav flower I think.

  5. What fun!!! love that food. and, yes the trees are great ... now get prepared for .. ahem ... no trees. ;) some bushes ... say hey to a tumbleweed

    A Peacock! what fun ... hope he doesn't wake you up with one of those lovely cries they make... scare the bejeebers out of you...

  6. Ahhhhh, good food, great friends and a starry sky to gaze up at in the night. What more can you ask for except maybe a curious peacock to spread his glory around? Lucky you!

    1. So lucky!!! I'm grateful every day.


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