Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tucson, AZ

Casino camping was on my never-before-done and must-do list and here I am!   

Casino del Sol

Earlier today, I met a couple at Saguaro National Park that has been staying here.  It is, as they said, clean and almost unbelievably quiet.  The RV area is some distance away from the main lot and regularly patrolled by security.  It's a very large lot and we all have a lot of space between us.  Of course, after dinner, I dropped a couple of dollars into the slots like a good patron. 

Another long day in the saddle at 252 miles.  I’m ready for a little break from the road.  This works out well as my arrival at Quartzsite will be delayed a few days for a couple of reasons.   For one thing, even though Q-site’s only 3 hours away, I’m tired of driving and want to stay relatively put for a couple of days.  And there is a cold front on the way and the Q-site forecast is not pretty.  They could see up to 40+ MPH winds. 
But mainly, I have some paperwork to complete.  I was notified yesterday that I’m hired for the online faculty position!  Great news!  But …. the downside is that I have to print, sign, and scan multiple documents.  So I’ll need a print shop close by.  And I’ll have a phone appointment with HR.  I’d like to get all that taken care of before Quartzsite.    

I got another late start today after a great night’s sleep at WMT.  This AM, I counted 14 other rigs that had overnighted.  My departure was delayed because I had to print, sign, scan, and upload my letter of offer.  Deming is a small town and an internet search turned up no suitable business nearby to aid in this task. 
So I stopped across the street at the Deming Visitors’ Center and asked the ladies if they could recommend a place. 

The office manager then invited me to sit at her desk and use her computer and printer!  What nice folks.  I left a donation by way of thanks.

Another first: I spotted a road runner!  He was, fittingly enough, at the Arizona Tourist Info Office. 

The scenery got serious as I neared Tucson.

By the time I got to Saguaro National Park, it was getting late.  But I drove the 8-mile loop and marveled at the scenery.  It was 72 and the sky was bright blue with cirrus clouds. 

GDB in front of Javelina Rock

Now it's almost 9 PM local time but it was an eventful day.  I’m ready to go to bed and read. 


  1. wow thatsa lot of miles! Ysy! on your job! outstanding .... Tucson area is nice. Sedona and Flagstaff are really pretty but you're going on west ... I sure am anxious to hear your review of Quartzite ..

    get some rest kiddo... that flu bug is really rampant - bugs like you to get all tired and stressed... your a nurse, right? haha... well? you may not know that...

  2. Kimmer, Major congrats on getting an online position. Things are really falling into place for you now.

    When I do several days a row of driving I also want to stop and regroup for a day or more.

    Really not looking forward to the weather forecast for Q for the next week. Even thinking now I may return to Yuma and come back here again next week. It's gonna be cold also in Yuma but at least the overnight lows will not go below freezing - like it will here.

  3. Hi Kim,
    WGS member here. I am in Quartzsite at the RTR. I have a printer/scanner, so if you need anything done while here I will be happy to share. I'm in a blue and white Lazy Daze. Have met SO MANY great people already.

  4. Get yourself an IPad and you won't have to do the print and scan part. I sign right on the screen and email it without any paper involved. Tucson is beautiful. Tubac to the south is pretty cool and Sabino canyon on the NE part of town is wonderful.

  5. Congrats on the new job Kim-- that's great! Tucson is a great place to rest and restock. My favorite campground there is Gilbert Ray-- about $20/night and all the sites are smaller and surrounded by tons of saguaro and desert plants (great wind blocking!). They also don't take reservations so you can usually find a site there even on weekends. The drive over Grants Pass is fun to get into Tucson as well! Have a great time at Q!

  6. Great news! Congratulations!

    I thought you didn't boondock...? Well, we're waving toward Casino Del Sol, the dome of which we can see from our campsite. Enjoy!

  7. Congrats on the job!

    My arrival in Q has been delayed, also.I only wish the delay was weather related. Now shooting for an arrival on Monday!

  8. Congratulations on your job. Sounds like a perfect match.

    Have fun in Q.

  9. Congratulations on the new job! Sounds perfect. And isn't it interesting that wherever you are you find really nice people!? Loved the 'out west' photos...I don't think I'll get out there this its fun to see via your photos.

  10. Congratulations on the new job! Sounds perfect. And isn't it interesting that wherever you are you find really nice people!? Loved the 'out west' photos...I don't think I'll get out there this its fun to see via your photos.

  11. WOW congrats on the job! Have they given you a timetable for your first course? Once they do, if you need any tips on prep for that first class, let me know. I've learned a few little streamlining tips over the years to cut down on the work hours. I also know some folks who are full time online at your school so I can put you in touch with one of them if you have any questions or concerns specific to the school.

    Enjoy a restful day or so and you'll be ready to roll on! Tuscon and Flagstaff were our favorite places in AZ. We spent a few extra days in Flagstaff.

  12. Congrats on the job! Curious to hear about Quartzsite - I haven't been able to make it yet. Have fun.

  13. Along with everyone else, I send my Congrats on the job. Good idea to rest a couple of days after a steady driving of a couple of days - that's my rule.

  14. Great news on the job! We liked Catalina State Park near Tucson last year. Great nature trail!

  15. The problem with Tucson is . . . you'll never want to leave! It is hot in the summer, but there is SO much to do there. We live about 70 miles south of there and always enjoy our sojourns to "The Big City". DH went to University of Arizona (from Louisiana) and just fell in love with Tucson - over fifty years ago and counting!

  16. Wonderful news on the job! Things just happen the way they are to supposed to, and in their own time, don't they?

    I'm staying in San Diego a bit longer because of the desert weather forecasts, too. It's super windy today at Hot Springs, and I'm all settled in here, so why leave??? That's one of the nice things about having wheels on my house.

    Have fun at Q! You'll meet lots of nice people. Take Jeanne up on her mention of a visit - she's super nice and interesting and you'll enjoy meeting her. And, I'm sure, all the other WGS group. :)

  17. I made it to the RTR today but will be moving to a different group this weekend. Let me know when you get here; I want to meet you.

    Jeanne, I'm the Sprinter parked right next to the fire. Come say Hi.

    1. I will. Guess I'll post my arrival on your blog.

  18. Congrats on the new job. I have a very small portable wireless printer and a small compact scanner in my RV. I can send you the model numbers if you are interested.


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