Thursday, February 14, 2013

Biloxi, MS

Last full day of this trip.  I'm torn - eager to get back home, and yet, so very sad it's almost over.  The GDB has been so good to me, I hate to abandon her tomorrow. 

This afternoon, I reached the Gulf Coast here in

Where the

grow like weeds.

I'm in Biloxi

overnighting at the Imperial Palace Casino

from my skylight

It's quiet, safe, and in close proximity to I-10 where I will be spend most of tomorrow.  After the breakfast buffet, of course! 

Speaking of breakfast.  You can't beat Frank's in Baton Rouge on Airline Highway. 

They make their own biscuits and their own boudin. 

to say nothing of the sausage gravy.

It's the finest boudin I've ever had.  No contest.  The casing is paper thin and the filling is so light, it's actually fluffy.  I don't know how they do it, but it's every bit as good as I remember.  If you are a boudin fan, they do mail order.

I managed to save a little boudin for John.  The guy behind the counter (who took this photo) and I agree .... now THAT'S love!  I also walked away with some seafood gumbo for dinner tonight.  Assuming I'm ever hungry again, that is.

Before leaving Baton Rouge, I visited a few more landmarks from our past.  This is Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital where I began my nursing career 28 years ago.  I worked in Women's Services on the 3rd floor on the right.  The building looks exactly the same.   

A beautiful day in the mid-60s and abundant sunshine made the scenic route to Pass Christian-Gulfport-Biloxi via US-90 even more scenic.  This is what you see out the passenger window for miles and miles. 

I've come a long way from the desert! 

Not far from the casino is where the shrimping fleet moors.

And where this Great Heron feeds.

After this 7-week journey, it's hard to believe I'll be back home tomorrow afternoon!


  1. It's been a wonderful trip for you! Thinking back when you thought this would never happen, then before we know it, it happened! I remember getting worried about you back then after your house got damaged & you stopped blogging for awhile. Now look -- life does get better!!

  2. What a fantastic trip you've had. I remember when you got the GDB and your first trip and now this. WOW you've come a long way (in more ways than one!!) Safe travels home tomorrow.

  3. Well... you make the boudin sound fantastic... Frank's ... couldn't remember the name and the picture looks great but I... well? a taste maybe... ;)

    can't believe it's been 7 weeks.... how well I remember the planning stages too.

  4. Your next adventure is right around the corner! See you out there!

  5. I agree with TexCyn. It looked like you would not be able to buy an RV and do what your heart called for. Well look at you now girl! I know our time will come if I can just be a little more patient. Meanwhile, I'll follow all the others via their blogs.

  6. I'm sorry to see your trip coming to an end, but Kim, it has been so delightful following along with you!

    Hope you enjoy your down time at home... and am waiting to see how long it takes you to get itchy feet again! :)

  7. Yes, You have come a long way from the desert !

  8. Thanks for letting us tag along on your journey. Enjoy your time at home.

  9. We seem to be doing the opposite travel-wise. I'm finally heading off to the desert after 7 weeks visiting kids/grandkids. And annual doctor/dentist appts. Sorry we missed each other, but I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip. It will be good to be home, and John and Doris will sure be glad to see you!

  10. Welp, I have time to do the laundry and cleanup around here and then wait for the next adventure you are going to take us along on.

  11. 7 weeks! How cool! But still, I'm sure you'll be glad to be home for a little while. Maybe a day or two! LOL. I bet husband and puppy will be glad to see you. What an adventure though. It was amazing. Glad you took us along!

  12. You look so cute and happy in your photo. Kudos to the guy who took the photo for you.

    I like how you used the photos in place of words in places. Clever girl.

  13. Sorry we missed meeting you at Q. Hopefully, we will travel another route and meet next time. Enjoy your planning time.


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