Sunday, February 3, 2013

Carlsbad, NM

[Note: I'm a day behind due to an oddly weak Wi-Fi signal last night for some reason].

Not much to talk about today.  A day spent almost entirely behind the wheel.  But the drive from Alamogordo to Carlsbad meanders through such varied terrain so it was more interesting than I expected. 

From the road out of Alamagordo that went up, up, up through the Lincoln National Forest with an altitude gain of almost 5,000 feet, to ski-town Cloudcroft full of evergreens and snow on the ground, to pretty rolling ranch land, and lastly to the flat and  straight roads of the high plains. 

See the road?

Stop scaring us, New Mexico!

On the 16-mile climb, New Mexico tried to scare you like it's your older brother.  I’ve never seen so many sobering warnings.  Watch out for …. fires, wildlife, snow plows, out-of-control trucks, and falling rocks!  I felt courageous and, in the end, downright valiant for having escaped it all!

Old narrow gauge railway in the Lincoln National Forest

Stopped for coffee and watched these guys.

Now I'm here for the night at the Carlsbad Wal-Mart.  There are diesel trucks, loud motorcycles, and the occasional train.  We’ll see how my early-to-bed, early-to-rise plan works out. 
My plan for tomorrow is to visit the famous Caverns, then back to TX to see Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Product Review

No-Rinse Shampoo.  As the name implies, this is a method for washing your hair without having to rinse, thereby conserving water.  I first heard about it from Carolyn and decided to give it a try.  I’ve used it 2ce now and it’s a keeper.  Just pour all over and get your hair completely wet, lather well, then towel dry.  My hair feels clean and smells nice too!  This will buy you time between traditional shampoos.  Purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $7.  They must sell it at Wal-Green's too because that's where I snagged the above photo. 
Thanks Carolyn!


  1. The caverns are well worth the visit - hope you enjoy. If you time it for sundown, the departing bats are spectacular!

  2. Interesting drive! Glad you survived all those dire perils! :D

    Good to know about the no rinse shampoo, too. I would have been leery of trying it without reading a positive review first.

  3. I don't think the bats are at Carlsbad this time of year, I think they winter in Mexico. I was there in March 2011 and the bats were not there. Walk down, if you are able, instead of taking the elevator. Not sure that the shampoo would work on my waist-length hair.

  4. Another great day on the road for Kimmer !

  5. That is a pretty drive ... can't remember exactly which wrong turn I took .. I decided not to go to Carlsbad ... decided to go south to Big Bend NP... who knows...

    Pam brought me that shampoo in Elephant Butte when she came down to spend a night or two with me ... she lives in Alamogordo... glad you liked it! me too ... thanks Pam ;)

  6. You're becoming a regular Walmart overnighter. So easy, isn't it? And cheap!

    Thanks for the shampoo review. I'll keep that in mind. My hair is soooo short now, between shower hair washings would be even easier. :)

  7. I'm already stocking up on that shampoo. Great stuff. I got some dry shampoo too. And some no rinse body wash. And some ... oh well the list goes on forever!


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