Monday, February 4, 2013

Fort Davis: A Town That Treasures Its Past

It’s small.

Without even 1 traffic light.

First glance -  it’s not much to look at.  
Take the library for instance.

 But then you step inside.

Where I'm blogging from, BTW

Cookbook Section

See what I mean?

Every building I’ve been is filled with memorabilia, every building feels like a museum, yet it's a working blue-collar town in the middle of nowhere.  It seems most of the old buildings from the frontier days have been, not just preserved, but loved. 

Drug store downstairs, Hotel upstairs.

Serving all the old favorites: malteds, floats, shakes.  And homemade pie and fudge.

And an outrageously delicious cheeseburger. 

It’s quiet and unpretentious.   It's the county seat.
Surrounded by the beauty of the Davis Mountains.

Glad I'm staying a couple more days!

I toured McDonald Observatory today - a 16 mile drive.  The visit deserves a post of its own so I'll write more tomorrow. 

Wish me clear skies for tomorrow night's Star Party!


  1. It's good to see a small town that is thriving, so many of the small towns that I drive through have vacant run down buildings.

  2. ... love those little libraries and burger joints... did I eat there? I looked back ... if I did, I didn't take pictures... I was heading on to Big Bend... you are going to the places I was going to go... anxiously awaiting the MacDonald Observatory post... that was the one place I really wished I had gone.

    Yes... the star party ... it will be a beautiful night for it... I've ordered it special

  3. Have you visited the Indian Lodge? They had a pretty good buffet when I was there. Even just walking around the structure, built by the CCC in the mid-30's, is interesting and historical. Then there was some really good, creamy fudge I got from the Ft Davis Country Store and delicious ice cream at the Caboose Ice Cream Parlor (though may not be open this time of the year). It's fun exploring areas of American history.

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  5. Ft. Davis - that looks like a town I'd love to live in. It's nice to see such pride in a small town, or any city or town, I guess. Love the library! :)

  6. What a neat, hidden treasure! Loved that library.

    I think the little malt shop would have looked vintage even when I was a kid, and that was a LONG time ago! :)

    The mountain view is magic.

    Looking forward to your observatory pictures... and wishing you crisp, clear skies for the Star Party.

    I am just thrilled that you are getting to experience all this!

  7. That soda counter looks like a most inviting place. Especially with that cheeseburger. Looks like a neat town!

  8. Looks like my kind of town. Love the drug store.

  9. Love the library! It looks like a comfy bookstore.

  10. The McDonald Observatory Star Party was on my list when we were there. I was anticipating it so much. However, there was a time change in our day and by the time I realized we hadn't changed our clocks, it was too late for me to go. Bummer.

    Do you realize a spam comment got through above?

  11. I'm a closet of course I loved the library...and the malt counter was a great shot too. I agree with you...these buildings ARE loved. Great town.

  12. Looks kind of cute but would hesitate to stay in a place that they need grates on the library windows. yikes.

    1. Grates on the windows are there because the building was re-purposed. There is no need for grates on the windows. The town is very safe.


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