Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lafayette, LA

Spent most of the morning trying to escape the gravitational pull of the mass that is Houston. 
Houston is so big!  How big is it?  I imagine one could get on I-610 and never ever leave its orbit. 

A Perfectly Ugly Day of Driving


All the elements of ugly were present on I-10 today: drizzle, fog, wall-to-wall semis, and lots of road sludge.  BUT, it was perfect because I’m in the GBD! 
I just set the cruise control on 60, stayed in the slow lane, and enjoyed Sirius – comedy, jazz, Frankie, the book channel (Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice) and a few classic radio shows (The Great Gildersleeve, Casey: Crime Photographer).  All this, plus the knowledge that bisque awaited me, made it a relaxing 270-mile day. 
Like they say, a bad day on I-10 beats a good day at work.

Cruise Control: The Downside

You zone out and forget to look for Shipley’s Don-Nuts until it’s simply too late. 

The GDB needs a long hot shower. 

Grit + Grime

Mouth watering and primed for bisque, I pull up to the Blue Dog Café and find it closed!


Because it’s Fat Tuesday! 
The purple hair and beads tip me off.  The drunken Cajuns don’t - I expect that part.  Had I gotten to town 30 minutes earlier, my route would have shut down for the Mardi Gras parade instead of the minor gridlock I encountered. 
Facing the disappointment of a bisque-less evening, I swerved into Popeye’s on the way to Camp Wal-Mart to get some red beans & rice & biscuit to have with my spicy sausage. 

Sharon’s brother, Mike, has this sausage specially made for him in College Station.  This particular version is venison, wild boar, cheese, and jalapeno.  No surprise that it’s incredibly tasty. 

Headed to our old home – Baton Rouge – tomorrow.  Good thing my taste buds are in peak condition!
Goodnight from Lafayette! 


  1. I spent a week in Lafayette years ago. The people were delightful I remember seeing my first large roach. It had to be three inches long! I told someone about it and they said that in Lafayette the just let the kids have a saddle and ride um to school. :~)

  2. haha... all the elements of ugly ... I know it well. aw, I like Lafayette and you're going to eat at the Baton Rouge place you told me about? jeeeez can't remember the name?

    just can't do boudin ... Popeye's is always good ... dirty rice ;)

  3. I remember the first time I drove across the Country on the I10. I thought Texas would never end. It's such a huge State isn't it.

  4. To bad about the resturant being closed. Did you eat there the next day at least?
    You seem to be on a mission seeing as much as possible.
    Keep having fun.

  5. Houston, gray days, and no bisque. That's a real downer!

    Hope sunshine finds you tomorrow. And glad that the sausage helped ease the disappointment. :)


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