Monday, February 11, 2013

Sealy, TX

Over-nighting here at Wal-Mart after leaving Austin this afternoon.

I spent another fun 4 days with my old buddy Sharon.  She took great care of me – we had lots of good laughs and lots of good food.  I really miss her company tonight. 
Let me back up a bit.  

When I left Ft. Davis on Wednesday, my ultimate destination was Fredericksburg.  The town caught my attention on the way west back in January and I wanted to explore it further. 

In an amazing coincidence, another Roadtrekker – Jacqueline – who I had met in Quartzsite spent the night in the same Ft. Stockton WalMart I did!  What are the odds?  We discovered it the next morning.  Since we were both headed toward Fredericksburg, we made plans to have lunch together.  We had a tasty lunch and a nice time together.  I didn't get a photo of her or her rig, but here’s the weiner schnitzel anyway. 

Fredericksburg has a great Main Street built for browsing, complete with a Five-And-Dime. 
The shop was classic dime store. 
When was the last time you saw candy cigarettes for sale?  Or Lava soap?   

My mind was a bit preoccupied though because, that same morning, I was awakened at 4:15 AM by the unmistakable scurrying sound of a mouse in the house!  He was munching away in the pantry.  The story of how I ultimately rid myself of him later that next night is a long one.  Suffice it to say, I now have a permanent arsenal of steel traps and will be better prepared when/if it should happen again. 


At least I got to see that his intrusive little corpse was properly carted away from the Lady Bird Johnson Municipal RV Park.

Tomorrow I head to Lafayette in the middle of Cajun country.  I’ll almost feel like I’m home! 
Goodnight from Texas! 


  1. Well! here you are ... love Fredericksburg and, of course, your food! What fun with that chance meeting ... love stuff like that.

    ANd four days with a best pal... what is else there?! home? and John....

  2. My late mother's very large extended family is all around that area and I'll be heading down there next month. Hey take care of all those mice for me first, okay? Safe travels!!

  3. Sorry about the the windmill...glad you ran into a friend or two!

  4. Such fun following your trip through the SW! And so glad to see you love your RT!

  5. The Five and Dime, candy cigarettes, Lifebuoy and Lava Soap... I thought those had disappeared forever. What fun to see them still around. Probably only in Texas! :)

    So glad you caught the mouse and gave it a proper sendoff!

  6. I had one of "them" get in my rig not that long ago and I have a HUGE phobia !! 3:00AM a neighbour came over to deal with it.

    BTW, Thought you made a wrong turn and got lost 'cause we hadn't heard from you in awhile.

    Continue Safe Travels.


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