Friday, March 8, 2013

Armed and Ready!

Camping Trip Prep

I’ve spent the last few days getting the Good Deal Bus road-ready.  I leave Monday for a 3-night trip to meet up with a group of solo women RVers in Georgia.  It looks like there will about about 7 of us from around the Southeast.  Sounds like fun to me! 

I got the very empty propane tank refilled.  Then I performed a good interior cleaning.  The refrigerator gets moldy so I scrubbed it well, detailed with Q-tips, and placed a container of Damp-Rid in it. 

I also picked up a couple of plastic containers.  This one will serve as a table, ottoman, desk, and of course, storage.

And this one will protect open food packages from any evil-minded mice. 

I’m ready for mice any way you look at it.  Notice the peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls and the Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent sachet.  
We also have a neighborhood army of cats (which, I suspect, is the main reason I haven't had a mouse invasion at home).  If this wasn't enough, I've got mothballs in socks hanging over each tire.  And, of course, I now carry a couple of old-fashioned steel traps, just in case.   
Overkill?  Maybe.  That mouse invasion I had in Fort Stockton wasn't the worst thing that's ever happened in my life.  But it's not an experience I ever want to repeat. 
This weekend John & I will clean the exterior, scrub the floor, and do a thorough vacuuming.   



  1. Oh, I'm soooo jealous!! Wish I could come too. Getting my generator fixed on Monday though, so am looking forward to that.
    I like the idea of using a storage bin as a footrest. A nice pillow on top of that would do you well. It seems to fit perfectly where you show it.
    Keep the fridge door open when The GoodDealBus is in storage. That will keep the molds & such out.

  2. Great tip! I don't like using the Damp-Rid even though it really works. I would prefer to avoid the chemical solutions when I can.

    Wish you could be there too, TexCyn!

  3. When we come home from a trip I leave the empty fridge open for a few days. I also have storage latch setting that lets just a little air in. After shutting it down there is always some water in the freezer and fridge. I set a roll of toilet paper on the bottom of each. They wick up any water and it evaporates quicker. Since I am frugal, I let the rolls dry and use them again the next time. We also have an ice maker in the freezer and I stick rolled up paper towels down into it to draw up any water. If all is dry, there is less chance of mold.

    Mice happen. Be glad you do not have rats! Because we live at the edge of the forest, I occasionally get wood rats both in the Alfa and the attic. I'm always on the hunt!

    1. Throughout the ordeal I kept repeating this mantra "it could be worse, it could be worse". I came up with a whole list of critters that would qualify as more unpleasant than a little field mouse (R.I.P.).

      Thanks for the toilet paper suggestion!

  4. I've got to get some of that peppermint stuff for our 5th wheel at the campground. We always have mice in there as we're parked next to a field and wooded area. We're going down next Sat and I hope there haven't been mice in there over the winter. UGH!! You'd think the dogs would sniff them out but no go on that. I've definitely got to do some mouse prevention. Where do you get the peppermint stuff? Wish I could go to the GA get-together. I'll be going through there two weeks later. Y'all have fun.

    1. I got the essence of peppermint oil from Amazon. Make sure it's the oil. Here's the brand I got:

      Not sure if it works but lots of RVers swear by it.

  5. Oh, I am so looking forward to being able to empty and clean my RV. That's one of the nice things about having a home base.

    Enjoy the GTG. Wish I could come.

  6. Can't wait for your trip! And I would think any mice even contemplating using your rig as home would soon go looking for a more hospitable location!

  7. Kim, when you get home from a trip, an easy way to let enough air into the refrigerator and freezer to keep them from molding is to use a pot holder in the door of each to keep them from closing. Also when you get back from a trip, put a hand or kitchen towel down in the bottom of the freezer and refrigerator to soak up the any water that accumulates overnight. That will keep them mold free. I also put just a little bleach in my water when I wipe the inside down.

    Good luck with the mice! I haven't had that problem... yet! :)

    So excited to see you preparing to get on the road again!

  8. Made notes of your preventive measures. I have such a phobia that I can't even say the word !!



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