Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Overnight RV Parking Website

One of the full-timers on the Roadtrek yahoo discussion board, whose opinion I respect, recommended this website:


I began using it on  my Southwest trip and wonder now what I would do without it.  There are thousands of sites in the owner's database and information is added daily.   There is also a supplemental invitation-only Yahoo site where the most current files are stored - if you are inclined to print the info rather than use the website database.

Downside?  The $24.95 annual fee. 

The upside is that for every site you confirm, you get a free week's subscription.  I joined in February and my subscription has already been extended till June.  I made it a practice to update/confirm every place I overnighted on my way back from Quartzsite. 

In addition to the usual Wal-Mart locations, the listings include other retailers like Cracker Barrel, Lowe's, Sam's, Bass Pro Shops, Flying J, etc .... in addition to casinos, city parks, rest stops, and more. 

There is also information about where exactly to park, how safe the area appears, how level the lot is, and nearby restaurants and businesses. 

I was pleased to add a new site to the tiny town of Ft. Davis, TX which previously had no free overnight listings.  With permission from the owner, I stayed for 2 nights in a hotel overflow lot.  I submitted the spot, the website owner called to confirm my information with the owner, and now it's on the list.  So I feel like I am helping my fellow-travelers.

I consider the website a real bargain and a must-have.  I look at it this way, one night in a campground would no doubt cost $24.95 or more. 


  1. NOTE to self...purchase before we leave! THANKS!

  2. Here's one, if you need it again:

    I like to boost these guys when I can, because they don't charge. There was a website where lots of reader participation turned the database into a goldmine of information, then the owner took it all and went pay-only. Hopefully this isn't the same one, or else I'm in a heap of dung.

    However, and that having been said, and all things considered, this seems like a good deal and very useful.

  3. LOL! No, not on the dung heap (unless you like it there).

    I believe this is the same person who participated in the Yahoo WalMartRVing site and created a controversy when he started his own website with a fee attached. I wasn't around when that happened, but as a member of both groups now, I see a great distinction between the 2. The Overnight RV Parking site includes much more than WMT. And the owner takes the time to verify the information so that's worth something, I think.

    1. Okay, that's cool. And, you know me and dung.

  4. Hey Kim, You may have met the people at the RTR. AWESOME folks!

    I use the allstays app on my phone. It was 9.99 and that includes updates and upgrades.

    This one sounds good, too. I'll check it out. I really like the convenience of using my phone.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'll chime in with Cyndi - I use the Allstays app, too, and love it. Best deal around.

    2. Everyone raves about Allstays. Unfortunately, my phone doesn't support that app. :-[

  5. I swear by allstays app, it's saved me in many a pinch before! Glad to see it getting some love here.

    Started following your site, hope you follow my Coachella travel blog soon :)

  6. Kim, that's the first site I've heard of where the owner personally checks and confirms the information.

    We generally need campgrounds with the two dogs, but if we ever start doing more of the type travel you do, I would not be without that info. For reliable, confirmed info, it's a huge bargain!

  7. I joined that one when I first started out, too. I'm glad it's still working out so well. I think if the list is maintained, updated and sites confirmed, it is worth paying for, and the owner deserves to be paid for all that information. Like you said, the cost is probably less than most one-night stays at an RV park. :)

  8. slept in my first Walmart parking lot in Sierra Vista, AZ. The shift manager said that they will allow overniters, but there is a city ordinance against it.

    I was in an SUV and slept amongst the employees cars. There was one RV overnite and one RV in the old parking lot across the street.

    I don't belong to, so if you want to give them this info, you can.


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