Saturday, April 13, 2013

RV Buddies Get-Together

Returned home yesterday after spending 4 days with my RV Buddies at Suwannee State Park, FL. 

8 girls + 7 rigs = fun! 
Here's what we did.


My Good Deal Bus
Norma's Scamp
Peggy's Apex

Carla's Turtle Top.  We all spent a lot of time in her lovely sun-shaded, bug-free gazebo.


Carla and Mitzi take a spin


Putting In

Peggy and Norma

Heading upstream


Suwannee River

It really is tea-colored


Norma's Yahtzee

Carla's Mitzi




Sharon, author of Tinycamper's Blog, dropped in for a visit.  Everyone just loved her! 
If you haven't seen the photos of her stylish Casita interior, you should.


Peggy and Sharon


With sticky marshmallow fingers

And laughing

Not pictured: nightly campfires, a weenie roast, a sing-along, and star-gazing.  You know, camping!

We southeastern girls plan to gather once a month. So if you want to join us some time, there are only 2 requirements: 1) the desire to camp and 2) two X chromosomes.  Being female, that is. 

Here's a link to the RVBuddies Yahoo group. 


  1. Kim, it was such a joy to meet you and the others! Can't wait till I can work it so I can camp with the group sometime.

    I found the link to that blog that I was telling you about. I'll email you links to the pictures that captivated me because if I put more than one in a comment, it will end up in the spam filter.

  2. Thanks Sharon! I googled the 13' Fun-Finder because it was on my mind. It is cute!

  3. Sounds like I missed a great time! Glad you all had fun!

  4. Looks like a great time was had by all. Making memories. That's what it's all about...jc

  5. I guess that leaves me out. Glad you all had a fun time.

  6. What great fun! You gals really got a lot done. A monthly GTG will cement a lot of friendships as time goes by, for sure. :)

  7. What fun ... Nice to see Sharon! Beautiful place

  8. Nice to see all the can tell a good time was had by all!

  9. Looks wonderful! Glad you had fun...what a great group!

  10. Makes me wish I was there instead of here. I probably could have driven that far and back by the time it stops snowing in Minnesota if I'd only known winter was going to hang on so long.

  11. Looks like a great time. I'd love to be able to do that sometime this year!

  12. Oh, it looks like so much fun & the campsites are nice too. Not too close together. Thanks for sharing Kim!

  13. Looks like everyone had a great time! Such a beautiful that part of Florida!

    Glad to see Sharon was able to visit....there's nothing like having fun with other women.
    Hope our paths cross some day!

  14. So know I can put a face to Sharon, I'm getting to the point I may buy anthing just to get going.
    You all have so much fun.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures Kim.

  15. Is this an annual thing? Well, meeting with fellow RV enthusiasts and sharing the same interest is so amusing! Seems like you enjoyed yourselves and did a lot of activities during your 4 day stay. Having an RV must be pretty fun 'cause you can go anywhere and bring your home with you.

    Delena Millener

  16. Kim, what was the name of that BIG atlas you showed us? I'd love to get one like it.

  17. Rand-McNally, you can get it at Wal-Mart for about $7 (includes Wal-Mart & Sam's locations in the index). The large print version costs a little more but I prefer the spiral-binding.

  18. Thank you, Kim! I'll get one next time we are at a Walmart.

  19. I'm sitting here realizing I'm getting anxious for YOUR next trip! LOL...that's a first. It's like...when is she going...when is she going....huh? huh? :)

  20. i love the place. nature is really a cool place to settle for a night. and you guys really had a fun. you even had a little party. photos can tell


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