Sunday, May 19, 2013

Douglas, WY - Day 2

Hello again from Douglas, WY
I've seen many Sinclair stations here in the Midwest.  I always notice because I remember them so vividly from childhood.  Some stations have lost their dinosaurs and some still have them on roof tops.  Well, in Douglas, they take them down and saddle them up!


Cold and rainy here today.  More of the same tomorrow, so the sightseeing is on hold.  I may make the 2-hour run for Gillette tomorrow, depending on how heavy the rain is.  That would put me in good position for Devil’s Tower on Tuesday. 

I realized last night I was in the wrong camping spot!  Boy, was I embarrassed.  
No - not the fairgrounds
The free camping is at the City Park across the street. 
My bad.  I thought that was a lot of amenities for free.  This is better anyway.  No hook-ups but ... it’s a well-tended little park right on the North Platte.  I have my own geese and everything.


There is also a dump station, potable water station, restrooms, and showers.  All located right next door to the Police station.   Score!
I’m completely enjoying this day of rest.  Since leaving home 11 days ago, I’ve traveled 1,928 miles through 6 states and visited 6 National Park Sites. 


So I’m spending the day between rain showers taking care of housekeeping tasks such as  dumping the completely full tanks, filling up with water, and organizing my storage bin.  Inside, the GDB’s furnace is keeping me nice and toasty.  This is one comfortable cocoon!

I’m also catching up on finances, getting my photos in some kind of order, doing a complete crossword, and learning how to upload videos from my phone to YouTube.  I’m hoping to post a video of the GDB interior soon. 
Hope everyone is staying safe from those nasty storms! 



  1. A day of rest is a good thing, when I am traveling from one location to another, I sometimes build in a 2 day stop instead of just an overnight.

  2. What a great surprise! The park is beautiful.

    I had forgotten about Sinclair and the dinosaurs. Makes a lot more sense to saddle him, I guess. :)

    We've had thunderstorms for two days, too. Wishing you good driving weather tomorrow.

    Your catching up day sure sounds busy! But glad you are taking a day off the road to rest.

  3. Days of rest are good - I have a LOT of them. :)

    That's funny about the Fairground vs. City Park. How nice that the city has a free park for RVers. It looks really nice.

  4. Love the photos and updates. Days of rest are nice. You'll need a few more when you start teaching :-) But it's not bad. Except for grading days, I could clock 1-2 hours a day and do fine. I want to go back to the Badlands! I love all those areas where you're going now. Maybe in a few years. Enjoy!

    1. Yes, I'm curious to see how working on the road is going to affect the way I travel. Hope it doesn't cramp my style too too much!

  5. Happy your made the right turn. Those storms have been really ugly.
    You sure put some miles between you and home, in a short time.

    I hope to be camping soon. I'll post pictures on RVB's as soon as I get it together.

    Stay safe

    1. Thanks, Jo. You never know if you're making the right call. It's especially challenging when there is no one but yourself to brainstorm with!

      Hope you are out there very soon.

  6. I suppose it's an age thing . . . but I really cherish days that are "in place", i.e. no "getting settled in" and no "packing up to move" - just a peaceful "do what I want to do today" day.

    1. It WAS lovely! Looks like more of the same is in store for this afternoon. OK by me!

  7. I can only travel so many days then I need to just sit. I tend to not even get dressed on my just sit days--sweats are SO comfortable. :)


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