Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Grand Island NE

Am writing this post from the Grand Island public library where it is cool and quiet.  There is an area with booths – great space for a workplace. 

It’s 84 degrees at the moment which makes the GDB just hot enough that I would have to run the A/C. 
Last night was really not a problem.  I turned the generator and A/C off after the sun set and the temperature cooled considerably.  I situated the GDB to catch the crosswinds and slept with the screens open.  It was warm but it must have been OK because I fell asleep very quickly.
My plan for today was to go slow and easy with a drive of only 90 miles.  The main thing I wanted to accomplish was changing the oil and I got that done before leaving Lincoln this morning.  Later I had lunch at a nice city park and topped off my water supply.  I’m getting better about doing this before I’m almost dry.
Not much to report today.  The usual rest stop for coffee

between miles and miles of tilled soil.


Will most likely overnight at Sam’s Club here in town.  I’ve been thinking a lot about their yummy $1.98 pizza slice.   
I’m moving on to Valentine, NE tomorrow.  I plan to take the scenic route - Highway 2.   It’s a National Scenic Byway; one that Charles Kurault called one of America’s ten most beautiful highways. 
On a professional note, I was informed today that Part One of my dissertation will be published as a chapter in an upcoming book. It was pleasant news.  Since that crappy day when I lost my faculty position, I haven't let myself think about my research or my writing.  It was just too painful.  Though it doesn't do me much good now, it's still nice news. 

I just heard from full-timer, fellow blogger, and birder extraordinaire that the 2 birds in my photos yesterday were a female dickcissel and an Eastern kingbird.  Thanks Judy!




  1. Congratulations on the good news of Part One being published. That's certainly something to celebrate. Good for you! :)

  2. Ohhh. You're gonna miss Carhenge:-( Safe travels....jc

  3. I've been wanting to go to Valentine, NE and possibly even volunteer for the National Park Service in that area. The area around the river is supposed to be beautiful. Congrats on the book chapter, you could still use that accomplishment on a resume or to promote yourself if you decide to write professionally.

  4. Charles Kurault was the best...I can still remember his voice! Kudos on your publication - much to be proud of! PS...Sam's has the best pizza!

  5. Just catching up on your blog. You sure have been on the move. How wonderful to see so much.

    You should be proud to have your paper recognized.


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