Thursday, May 9, 2013

Metropolis, IL

Settled in for the night at Harrah’s Casino parking lot here in Metropolis. 

The casino is situated on the Ohio River.  This is actually a train bridge that goes right by the parking lot.

The natives - Metropolitans? - have convinced themselves that Superman lives here. 

Statue a few blocks away.  Web photo.

Has anyone else noticed that Superman’s has the same hairdo as Shoney’s Big Boy?    

My personal hero.
Anyway, it’s 4:30 and I’m glad to be stationary so early in the day for a change.  I’d planned to delve into a nice challenging crossword.  But I had forgotten, until my alarm rang just now, that I have a faculty conference call at 6PM.   Hah – my second faculty meeting in a year-and-a-half and it’s still too much!   

So back to the day's beginning.  I'm happy to report that I had an undisturbed hassle-free sleep last night at the hospital.  After breakfast I headed for Fort Donelson and got there by late morning.  Driving I-24 through Nashville was a bit dodgy.  I figure after about St. Joseph, MO, I’ll be off the interstates for a while. 
Fort Donelson, site of a Civil War Battle, is yet one more (now) peaceful piece of ground.  Still and sad.  
Confederate Soldier

Over a century after the battle, the happy ending is that eagles nest there now. 
I did not realize until looking at the map today that there is a scenic drive through the Land Between The Lakes.  The Trace is a 40-mile 2-lane roadway that has its picturesque moments.   

The drive was full of surprises - like a bison viewing area.  I waited patiently …. but they didn’t show, which gives me concern about the GDB’s proficiency as a buffalo magnet. 

Thanks to dumb luck (i.e. no prior planning), The Trace’s Golden Pond Visitors Center has a planetarium!  And a showing scheduled for 10 minutes after I got there!  I couldn’t have planned it better. 

Web photo.
We saw 2 programs and it was a great experience, as planetariums always are.  Not bad for a $5 cover fee.   

Lunch at the Visitors Center

The best part of casino camping?  THE BREAKFAST BUFFETT.  Traveling makes me ravenous.  Why is that?   
On to St. Louis tomorrow. 


  1. I always like to eat when I travel too. But with the Alfa we are happy to have lunch in.

  2. Don't you just love those buffets? I like that photo of the road, I always try to get good road shots if it's long or windy or unusual, and this one's a winner. :)

  3. Maybe because we are not snacking while driving so we are actually hungry when mealtime comes?

    Glad you discovered the scenic route in time to take it.

  4. Or is that a Frisch's Big Boy? When in St. Louis you might try some toasted ravoli or Ted Drewes Frozen custard.


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