Saturday, May 11, 2013

More From St. Louis

The arch is spectacular! 

OK - one more photo

After surviving 3 different downtown interchanges to get to there, I was filled with the spirit of Lewis & Clark!


 [Photo by Eric from Chicago.  I promised him artistic credit.  Hi Eric - hope you found my blog!]
Once again, my lack of planning didn’t hurt me.  Though it was happenstance, visiting downtown St. Louis on a weekend was absolutely the smart thing to do.  Lots of narrow one-way streets and precious little parking, save the garages that the GDB is too tall to enter.  But due to the lack of traffic, I was able to poke along and find a good open lot for the GDB.  I took up 2 spots but the kind gentleman only charged me for one. 

The Jefferson Expansion Memorial contains a well-conceived museum.  Focusing heavily on the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the exhibits are highlighted by excerpts from Meriwether Lewis’ journal which are placed next to panoramic photos of the locations described e.g. the Columbia River, the Great Falls of Minnesota.  (Sorry no photos, my camera battery was gasping for breath at that point). 

After that, I visited the historic old courthouse seen here. 

Most notably the site of the Dred Scott decision.  There was a group singing “God Bless America”.  The acoustics in the rotunda were astounding!  This church group from Indianapolis apparently breaks out in song anytime they encounter the right acoustical environment.  


I strolled around downtown a bit and was able to find nearby Busch Stadium by following all the red-shirted baseball fans.  It’s the Cardinals versus The Rockies this afternoon.  And a perfect day for baseball it is – 68 degrees and clear!

Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site

Whitehaven Farm

I so enjoyed yesterdays’ visit to U.S. Grant’s farm.  Like Washington, Grant was both a reluctant soldier and - that rarest of the species - a reluctant president.  He only wanted to teach math, raise crops (and children) but events dictated otherwise.  Boy, did they ever! 

Grant was all about doing the right thing.  Years ago I read that when he was diagnosed with throat cancer, he set to work on his autobiography as a means of providing additional money for his family after his death.  He dutifully wrote through all the pain, finished the book, and died 4 days later.  I thought that was quite noble. 

The tour of the house, the film, and the attached museum were all excellent.


  1. I forgot all about Grants Farm. We loved it when we lived there. Downtown St. Charles on the river is really nice too.

  2. Interesting - I didn't know that about Grant. That's funny about the church group breaking out in song if there are good acoustics! I'll bet it was a goose bumps moment. :)

  3. I love it when someone understands my parking challenges. Good for you for finding that lot! And for sharing your wonderful sights with all of us.


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